Earth Mystics And The Hidden Oasis

The earth mystics {A spiritual short story}.are here, but are they from here? And where is that secret garden they all keep going too? Earth Mystics The Dream “It’s so dark,” she thought, studying the tall building from the street. The whole block covered in coldness

Conspiracy Behind The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy. Not so long ago if you were to mention the Illuminati (Draco) or suggest that the governments, big pharma, banks, and churches were corrupt, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist and dismissed. It is now common knowledge that the 1%, including the Rothschild’s and

Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Spiritual Empathic Psychic Medium Ian Scott has over 30 years of experience and has dedicated his life to working with spirit the light worker’s way.

Quantum Physics A Spiritual View

Quantum physics explained patterns contained and transmitted by light are patterns of consciousness a geometry of light-infused in every cell of our body. Quantum Physics A Spiritual View Quantum Physics Theories  For Beginners Quantum physics is at last beginning to pavé the way to an analytical