Tree Agate Healing Properties

Tree Agate Crystal Meaning
Tree Agate Crystal Meaning

Tree agate crystal is not really an agate at all, with green dendritic lines and silicate pathways wrapped in a form of chalcedony. Tree Agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz crystals. In India, the tree agate is said to be a sacred talisman.

Tree Agate Meaning

The meaning of tree agate is wide and complex. Tree agate is known as the stone of plenitude and also the druids stone because of its relationship with the unique tree patterns shown within the stone.

Tree agate vibrates to the rhythm of the earth’s frequency connecting us directly with nature spirits, nature sprites, and fairies. A strong friendship is known between the tree agate and plants, place one in your garden for conjuring the nature spirits to watch over your garden.

Tree agate has an association with the 20 sacred trees of the Ogham alphabet. Found alongside the Viking alphabet on the ancient rune stones of Europe. The oak tree is a personal friend of the tree agate vibrating with the same psychic heartbeat.

Tree Agate Healing Properties

Tree agate has a unique and special healing purpose, tree agate worn or placed in the pocket, over time will open all seven chakras and clear blockages in these passageways. Tree agate stimulates chi oxygen in the blood giving vital life back to the cells of the body. Cleaning and healing arteries that are worn or blocked relieving arthritis and many other pains associated with the blood and bones.

Tree agate held in the hand for several hours will lower blood pressure relieve stress and calm the body ready to uptake healing. Tree agate also helps soothe a worrisome mind by placing the wearer in a state of higher consciousness. A state where meditation and correct thought are found in a blissfully peaceful place.

Tree Agate Magical Uses

Tree agate is especially useful if you have weak or unhealthy plants in your physic garden simply place a few tumbled tree agate stones around the base of the plant making sure to water them with the plant.

The healing abilities of tree agate go to work with the plant correcting its aura and flow of energy. It is said if magi or druids owned a sacred tree agate for many years the stone could heal anything the conjurer set his mind to heal.

Tree agate placed in a glass of pure water for a few hours will change the vibrational frequency of the water for optimum healing. Placed under the pillow at night prevents nightmares for adults and children. Tree agate kept in your fruit bowl will enhance the fruit’s healthy structure increasing vitamin intake from the fruit. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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