Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning

Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning
Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning

The tenth runestone and the third rune in Hagalls Aett (eight). The ability to take action where needed. Foresight into matters which may present later as problems. And being able to correct the flow so they no longer become problems.

Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning

Spiritual connections with the beech tree and snakeroot plant. Nauthiz is about grasping opportunities, seizing the moment, and reaching for what you’re wanting. Not all times are good and lively sometimes we find ourselves held back for whatever reasons. A spiritual hibernation of sorts. A time to nourish relaxation which leads to healing.

Nauthiz’s rune meaning reminds us even in adversity the future shows itself. Staying open-eyed and alert will help you see the flickers of opportunity. If you take a risk and adventurous life and water to the desert return. When disagreements show themselves act as calmly as possible and show no fire in the presence of Nauthiz.

Phonetic: N – Need
God: Skuld
Keywords: Setbacks and delays
Symbolic Meaning: Need
Element: Earth as a desert
Health: Arms and hands
Polarity: Feminine

Dealing with the duality of life and the universe is the Nauthiz message. Allowing all things to live in and around you in harmony. Having the wisdom to understand the universe is made of many things. Understanding peace love and prosperity with unity. A time to turn inwards like the tarot card, the hermit. Seeking to better oneself through meditation and contemplation.

Magical Uses And Properties

Carved on a stone and placed with a few Spriggs of rosemary herb makes a great front door protection spell. Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning Metaphysical. Use manifestation spells to bring the energy of abundance and fulfilment. Carve Nauthiz together with Raidho to conjure safe wealth and harmony of finances. © Psychic medium Ian Scott 

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