Mannaz Rune Stone Meaning

Mannaz Rune Stone Meaning
Mannaz Rune Stone Meaning

Mannaz runestone is the 20th rune and the fourth rune in Tyr’s Aett (eight). Symbolizing the individual and his or her relationship with mankind and its progression toward understanding the universe and its workings. Also knowing universal law number one karma.

Mannaz Rune Stone Meaning

Mannaz Rune Stone Meaning and spiritual esoteric influences for divination purposes. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark. Connections with the hawk totem and maple and holly trees. Gather around the holly grove for a celebration of family and friends. Mannaz is the rune of unity, a time when we need to reconnect and love those we thought we could not.

Mannaz asks you to see yourself as others do and place yourself in the eyes of a stranger looking at you. What do you see? This rune deals with correct behaviour and self-satisfaction with personal growth.

Our friends and family become the best mirrors of ourselves. If we don’t like something about somebody or what they said we truly need to look inside as to why this bothers us. Understanding ourselves and others leads to unity.

 Phonetic: M – Mahn – Man
God: Odin, Frigg, Heimdall
Keywords: Man, Unoin, togetherness
Symbolic Meaning: Humankind
Element: Air – Oxygen
Health: Ankles, Feet, Toes
Polarity: Masculine & Feminine

The energy of the rune Mannaz brings hope and willingness to help from others around you. If your cause is just and right the universe steps in to help along the way to a specific outcome.

Magical Uses Of Mannaz Rune

As a sending rune, Mannaz is useful in strengthening our thoughts for sending telepathic messages to distant people and places. Scribe Mannaz on a yellow candle and send your thoughts their way with meditation. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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