Wunjo Rune Stone Meaning

Wunjo Rune Stone Meaning
Wunjo Rune Stone Meaning

The eighth runestone and last rune of Freys Aett (eight). A time of contentment seeking to live only with joy in your heart. A happy occasion for fortunate beginnings with blessings from the universe.

Wunjo Rune Stone Meaning

Connections with the ash tree, flax, and the power of the wind. Wunjo speaks of inner peace, joy, and contentment gathered from the experience of knowing thoughts and perspectives allow us to be free and happy and feel wealthy.

Indicating good fortune Wunjo rune stone meaning is a celebration rune one of accomplishment and foretelling of a prosperous future. What you’ve been asking for to come your way is finally here. A time when positive healthy thoughts and vibrations bring fun happy experiences into the light of being.

Phonetic: W – V
God: Frigg
Keywords: Finding harmony, Positive outcomes
Symbolic Meaning: Peace, Joy
Element: Earth as a mountain
Health: Breathe, Respiratory
Polarity: Masculine

The reverse meaning of the Wunjo rune is one caution. This is a sign to watch your health both physical and mental. Finding balance is the key here in work, home and family life. A need to correct one’s path so it reflects a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, further sickness and deterioration will take place.

A celebration of efforts already done. Achievements and goals are reached after much effort and hard work. A time to relax into another successful chapter in your life. Plan carefully for your next adventure.

Magical Uses Of Wunjo Rune

Carve onto fishing boats rods and tools to harvest a good catch. Scribe into farming tools and garden pots assuring safe healthy food. Wunjo is the perfect greeting rune to symbolize a celebration, a party, or a time when all feels beautiful. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

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