Jera Rune Stone Meaning

Jera Rune Stone Meaning
Jera Rune Stone Meaning

Rune number twelve and the fourth rune in Hagalls Aett (eight). A time of abundance, the reaping of the harvest. Where the fruits of labour are about to pay off. A wealth of plenty the chalice of fortunes to come. A symbol of light, warmth and a glow of life.

Jera Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings, Jera. Connections with the crow, the magic rosemary herb, and the oak tree. Jera holds the energies of fertility and fruition. A task completed with positive results. Jera also signifies the opposite, new beginnings, new doors to open. The end of the road and the beginning of another.

The rune Jera prompts stability and longevity bringing excitement and movement. Jera concerns itself with wise choices, the research develops and contemplates before any decisions are made.

In this way, you reach the wisest decisions with the most prosperous outcomes. Often shows around a new job, house and or business proposal. A crossroads, a significant turning point in one’s life.

 Phonetic: J or Y
God: Freyr
Keywords: Choices, Paths and directions
Symbolic Meaning: Prosperous year of harvest
Element: Earth as in rich soil
Health: Digestive system
Polarity: Feminine

Reverse meaning Jera rune asks you to reconsider your plans. Pay much more attention to detail and planning before going ahead. Allow time for contemplation and thought-provoked wisdom. This brings the most favourable outcomes. Cultivate your ideas and imaginings before planting.

Magical Uses Of Jera Runestone

Carve into the bedhead to help one with the problems of becoming pregnant. Engraved on the inside of a relationship, an engagement ring ensures pleasure and fertility in marriage. Mark with paint the Jera runestone symbol on the shovel you’re going to use to dig your garden. ¬© Psychic medium Ian Scott

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