Ansuz Rune Stone Meaning

Ansuz Rune Stone Meaning
Ansuz Rune Stone Meaning

Rune number four and fourth runestone in Freyas Aett (eight). Clear and precise communication, the gift of explanation. The river mouth of knowledge flowing with wisdom. Wisdom through sound and words such as poetry.

Ansuz Rune Stone Meaning

Ansuz rune stone’s meaning is closely associated with the metaphysical god Odin. Sometimes called “the god rune” has connections with the Ash tree, the spirit animal Wolf, and the guide Raven or Crow.

Ansuz symbolizes awakening spiritually asking questions like why am I here, what is this life about. Ansuz rune often arises when times are difficult, asking you to explore your inner self and the problematic situation in which you find yourself.

All and everything which happens is a chance to understand the universe we live in. Look within, and ask yourself am I being self-centred and acting as if I am a god? Or do I view myself as a part of the whole, the collective consciousness, finding the need to comfort and take care of all living things?

Phonetic: A
God: Odin God of Gods and Loki
Keywords: Knowledge, Tree of life
Symbolic Meaning: Wisdom, Fate
Element: Air
Health: Mouth
Polarity: Masculine

The reverse meaning of Ansuz runestone augers a time when you need to listen. Rather than act, look around there is something you’re not seeing due to the blindness of the ego. Ground yourself to see the true picture.

Magical Uses Of The Rune Ansuz

Odin was said to be a shapeshifter transforming into animals and spirits at will. A great shaman, a god, of course, is from the viewpoint of others but not Odin himself. Ansuz rune keeps us grounded in knowledge and wisdom, understanding how the future comes to be. Inscribe Ansuz on books and writing journals on computers to enhance channelling and evocation of spirit. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

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