Isa Rune Stone Meaning

Isa Rune Stone Meaning
Isa Rune Stone Meaning

The eleventh runestone and the third rune in Hagalls Aett (eight). A clear and precise message to slow down and find a way to calm down. Time and patience are the keys to this message from Isa. It is a straight answer and a straight path. Encompassing stillness is rewarding and comforting. Awaiting for the ebb and flow of the universe to turn.

Isa Rune Stone Meaning

Connections with the alder tree and the herb henbane. Isa deals in a standstill of time and activity, this does not mean stagnation though. Isa brings forth time for healing and spiritual absorption. Isa appears when a consciousness shift has taken place, an awakening as such.

It’s a sign of knowing yourself just that much better, making wiser decisions. There is a delayed present but a needed one, a time to regather strength to come back at a later date. Stronger and able to cope with success.

 Phonetic: I РIce
God: Verdandi, Skadi
Keywords: Patience
Symbolic Meaning: Lack of change
Element: Water frozen
Health: Numbness
Polarity: Feminine

While it may feel like nothing is happening in this period, something is taking place. On a spiritual level, the mind and body are resting enough to allow the spirit to take control. Much is learnt in this timeframe. Although all on a super-consciousness level.

Magical Uses Of Isa Rune

Craving this rune on a green candle brings wise decisions in business resulting in rewards. Isa is useful in meditation to make the right decisions to find the most rewarding path. Concentrate on the glyph as you would a flame meditation, allow the rune to speak to you. © Psychic medium Ian Scott

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