Guelder Rose Spiritual Meaning

guelder rose spiritual meaning
Guelder Rose – Viburnum Opulus

Ogham letter  P
English: Guelder Rose, Water or Swamp Elder
Celtic: Peith
Element: Water

One of the twenty sacred trees of the Ogham Alphabet. The Guelder Rose (Scientific name – Viburnum Opulus) metaphysical influences and symbology. Horizon, to see beyond the veil of human sight. Day of Creation, a celestial movement towards a New Dawn.

Guelder Rose Spiritual Meaning

One of the most magical plants used in invocation, ritual and the celebration of life. With connections to the early earth and its beginnings, the guelder rose holds in its possession ancient knowledge of earth magic. Along with Merlin many witches and wizards have used this exceptional plant for psychic protection. And to warn of incoming danger.

Just like the bat the guelder rose has a spiritual meaning of  Birth-death – Rebirth. The bark from the Guelder Rose is used medicinally for an antispasmodic and mild sedative. Also said to be good for menstrual cramps and menopause. Guelder Rose was also used for creating a black dye. For making quality inks. Writing magical spells with the ink of the guelder rose assured quality and success.

The Guelder rose flower petals are often used within Wiccan ritual practices for happiness or put in love sachets. The letter Pe can be interpreted as peace, peaceable, peacemaker, and therefore used as peace offerings. Scribing the symbol of the guelder rose on the back of a letterbox ensures all your mail reaches you.

Meditate on past issues. Viewing memories can help bring the understanding needed to the present. Even past issues of past lives especially useful to heal wounds or conflicts. Healing relationships and friendships and dissolving karma. Placing guelder rose leaves under the pillow gives the sleeper protection while astral travelling. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles 

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