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The Way Of Spirituality

Spirituality is a way of life, a path to our higher selves and the
magic of the universe. A spiritual practice to awakening and ascension.

The Way Of The Rainbow Warrior

Spirituality A Way Of Life

1 If there is anyone in the world you must intrinsically know inside and out, it is you. Know yourself better than you know anything else in your life. How you react, how you deal with your emotions and how loving you are towards yourself and others.

2 The creative spirit must be nurtured, trained and developed. Whatever you apply, your creativity becomes; a master, a lord of that subject. Know your craft as well as you know your own self.

3 Always have an open mind; one in which hears and sees, and accepts all things are possible. A mind of quiet relaxed computing allows spiritual and personal growth. Don’t place any obstacles in your path from seeing another mans truth.

4 The mind-body and spirit all have a thirst for knowledge both intellectual and emotional. The experience puts knowledge into action and therefore becomes wisdom. Nurture your passion for applied knowledge.

5 Become the engineer of your own eight-legged set of scales. Carefully balance all things in your life so your life spider is in balance. Too much of anything is consuming. Too little of anything breeds boredom and laziness.

6 Be the master of your own words that come from your mouth or pen. Don’t speak or write until first you have crafted your words. Positive magic brews and inspires in the mind of yourself and others with carefully magically crafted words.

7 Be the supreme master of your own thoughts, not allowing negativity to be dwelled upon. Filtering all thoughts until they all become pure and positive. The power of thoughts is insurmountable magic, we may bring anything to us through our thoughts.

8 Gratefulness must extend beyond the material to the spiritual. A remembrance of how magical life is and can be must be at the forefront of your thoughts. Consider this grateful watering of your soul garden. A seed becomes life only after light and water are accessible. You must be the light and the water for the healthy celebration of your life.

9 Become a part of your own home. Adapt, attune, and nurture the earth and her seasons as if she were your own self. Live with her together as one mind. Always remembering her wind and air are divinely magical, be conscious of breathing her breezes.

10 Treat your mind, body, and spirit as; a temple, a place of goodness and health. Train the body in the way of the energy masters through movement. Nourish and return the soul to spirit for growth and regeneration through meditation.

11 Always above anything else in your life, put the flow of the universe and positive energies of life through the sun and the seas first and foremost. If it is not for your highest good and will not lead you to your God or Goddess, it must be given the lowest of priorities. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Sentient Metaphysics