Algiz Rune Stone Meaning

Algiz Rune Stone Meaning
Algiz Rune Stone Meaning

The fifteenth rune holds the seventh position in Hagall’s Aett (eight). A powerful symbol of victory and triumph. A symbol of life and protection for that life. Safe refuge amongst the trees of the forests, protected by nature beings.

Algiz Rune Stone Meaning

Algiz Rune Stone Meaning and spiritual esoteric influences for divination purposes. From the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark. Connections with the elk totem and the lime tree.

Algiz is the rune of protection and healing, unlocking our pain and submitting it to the universe so it comes back to us cleansed content, and refreshed. Algiz is a symbol of nobility, power, and strength often carved onto warriors’ shields for this reason.

Algiz rune represents good luck for an upcoming little dangerous risk take. The rune brings in positive protection energy asking you to go for it, that venture you had in mind is begging to be started. Family and friends will be a strong force in helping you to achieve your goals in the future. In the elk family, all protect one another always.

 Phonetic: E – Elk
God: Heimdall
Keywords: Shield, guardian
Symbolic Meaning: Protection
Element: Earth leaves and twigs
Health: Anxiety, depression mental health
Polarity: Masculine and Feminine

Reversed Algiz rune augers a time when contemplation and patience should rule. Be positive about your next moves in life, and ask yourself is what I’m about to do, for your highest good? And will I enjoy doing it?

Magical Uses Of Algiz Rune

Carving Algiz into hard hats and bike helmets will ensure magical protection from danger. Meditation upon this rune will bring personal and psychic development. Opening the third eye is this runes power, leading to spiritual growth. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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