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Telekinesis Do You Have It ?

telekinesis demonstration
Telekinesis Meaning

Telekinesis Demonstration

Watch as this disabled man performs Telekinesis (psychokinesis) right in front of a passing crowd on the streets of Thailand.  Seemingly not many are surprised, I’m guessing they think it’s a trick or parlour magic, check it out for yourself.

Telekinesis Meaning A Super Human Ability

Telekinesis (a Greek word meaning distant movement) is the psychic ability to move objects with one’s mind, allegedly using thought and willpower. PK phenomena has been extensively tested and studied by the scientific community, it is a subject which holds much interest. Many psychics over time have claimed to able to perform Telekinesis, greats like Uri Geller and Stephen North, all these claims though have been proven to be magical conjuring tricks.

Believe it or not, I am a little sceptic, it’s a healthy thing, I like to discern the truth from falseness. I have no choice but to believe in Telekinesis though, for I have experienced it myself, only twice in my life and both times were when I was a child around eleven years old. On one occasion, I remember so vividly so clearly it was like it was yesterday, I was awaiting my fathers return home after mother had warned me when he gets home he’s going to deal with me for my behaviour.

Frightened I hid on top of my wardrobe just inside my bedroom door, I remember being extremely emotional, as he walked up the back stairs I clinched with fear as I did so I looked at my bedroom door. Instantly and with speed and power the door slammed at the very moment my father walked past the bedroom. I was not sure what was frightening me most at that point, the fact I just made the door slam or that now father will be more upset with me. Not for the lack of trying, but I have not ever been able to repeat such a feat again as an adult. © by psychic medium Ian Scott