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Spiritual Story “One For The Kids”

A spiritual short story for kids, written script and read-aloud video,
learning from animals. Twin tales of little fox and two snakes.

spiritual kids story
A Spiritual Story

Spiritual Short Story Script

{Druid Boy and Hibble Gibble Voiced by Ian Scott}

Oak Tree, Hibble Gibble: “Is It Story Time, Druid Boy.

Durian, Druid Boy: Oh Hibble Gibble, our friendship is as old as the trees, why do you still call me Druid Boy, my name is Durian.

Oak Tree, Hibble Gibble: You will always be known as Druid Boy in the sacred oak grove that’s what we call you.

Durian: Alright tree, I will tell you the spiritual story of two snakes and a fox. The misadventures of the little fox had that morning, changed the feelings he had for other animals forever.

Little fox likes his own company and is cautious of most animals. Preferring to stay in his den most of the time. Except of course early in the mornings when he goes out hunting for food.

He makes his way through the forest across two paddocks and into a chicken coup where he steals some eggs from the farmer who lives close by. One fateful morning crossing the long grass in the paddocks he was bitten by a snake. Little fox didn’t even know what had happened. It was only after the pain he saw the brown snake slithering off into the grass.

Little fox got tired and felt sick he laid down whimpering, all animals are out to get me, I feel really sick. Luckily for the little fox, a baby python was passing by. She said to little fox oh no what has happened are you alright. Little Fox was more than frightened and couldn’t move properly. He whispered to himself looks like this is it, I’m going to be strangled by a baby snake.

Python slithered over closer to the little fox, winding her way around his leg, squeezing and squeezing tighter and tighter. Python watched as all the venom from the brown snake oozed out of little foxes’ leg. After placing Echinacea on the wound from a nearby plant python went on her way.

Little fox finally awakes, after hours of sleeping, shaking his head he could not believe that python must have healed him. Little fox began his journey back home saying to himself I guess you can’t judge a snake by its skin. And he now knows he should be kinder to other animals from that time on. Well, Hibble Gibble, there’s your story I hope you like it, until next time we talk. Remember look after the world. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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