Wisdom Quotes What’s My Treasure?

Spiritual Wisdom and Ascension is found in what you believe is your
treasure – Inspirational Wisdom Quotes What’s my treasure.

spiritual quote What's My Treasure
Spirituality Quote

Wisdom Quotes What’s My Treasure

The Greatest Treasure we can accumulate here on Earth
is Living, Breathing, Knowing and
giving the spiritual gift of Unconditional Love
This alone moves us into the path of ascension.

Happiness Wisdom Quote

Happiness is a choice,
a decision we make,
It’s a state of mind.

Being positive is a choice,
being negative is
a decision we make.

The only thing or person
responsible for your
happiness is you.

To be truly happy
a love of self is needed.

To find this love
you must spiritually be
content with your decisions.

Channelled Spirit Message

Look once
Look twice
Look three times,
Only then shall you see what is really there.

Messages From Spirit Past Life Talents

Fourteen calls a day,
you may only hear three of them.

The other eleven are shut off by earthly commitments,
this gives us the perfect reason to meditate.

To recall important information recorded deep inside ourselves.

Connecting with the universe as the god-like beings we are.
Allows the intertwining of ancient cosmic knowledge in all of us.

Start A Psychic Fire

The psychic fire. Thoughts have electrical beginnings, a thought is a spark, unless of course if you pour water on it. Action from that thought is a fire, a fire can warm the cold or burn destruction. Manifest wisely, only absorb and act upon positive thoughts.

as channelled by © Psychic Medium Ian Scott