What Is A Spirit Orb?

Are those round spirit lights my family? or are they angels of some kind?
Explore the spiritual and metaphysical meaning of a spirit orb.

spirit orb meaning
Photo by Author Judith Leoni

An orb is defined by its spherical shape and its beaming light. Orbs are balls of electromagnetic energy. This energy may either be a live spirit or residual energy from spirits who have previously passed over. This form of seeing spirit is becoming more and more common. Even to the untrained eye.

What Is A Spirit Orb?

Sometimes spirit chooses to show itself in this way to add a calmness to the event. Seeing a ghost standing in front of you frightens a lot of people. In this way it becomes a pleasant experience. It also tells us that these spirits are on the right side of the light, because there not out to frighten us.

The photo above courtesy of Judith Leoni is a clear example of a spirit orb. Some people have a psychic gift to be able to see them and photograph them. Jude is one of these people. I have countless photos from Jude proving their existence.

The orb in the photo above is actually a nature spirit in Jude’s garden. The lights in the distance behind the orb are also spirits. Occasionally nature spirits will gather in great numbers in a specific garden or area.

Some orbs are actually your grandparents passed over loved ones, even pets you have owned. Psychically reading the energy of the orb reveals who and what it is. This is best done while it is happening, not through a photo. Like I’ve done here.

Are they angels? yes sometimes. The feeling of calm light and love will pour over you when you see an angel in this way. So you’ll know it is of angelic majesty. Angels come in many forms even human form. Spiritual awareness is how we recognise them.

Not all orbs in photos are spirit orbs, some could be dust on lens, moths or a number things. As I’ve said the way to know is the feeling you get when you see one. My cat chases them around the room. Sometimes I can see them other times, I just watch my cat chasing nothing, I do say, it is incredibly funny.

Animals see spirit quite clearly and cats are the first ones to alert us, if a ghost is about. Which is why they are spirit familiars to psychics. A negative ghost will try to frighten you, as your fear feeds them. If you see a fully formed ghost though it does not always mean its negative. It just means that this particular spirit knew you were not going to be afraid. Again trust your intuition and feelings around you when you see one. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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