Meridians Of The Body

Meridians of the body. The Metaphysical of auras and chakras and
the bodies electrical system a complete and comprehensive spiritual guide.

meridians of the body
meridians and chakras

Meridians Of The Body

The spiralling spheres, or chakras, energize and drive the physical body. By transposing the pattern over the human form we see that the glyphs align perfectly with the seven main chakras of the body. Each power centre is a living force, embodying the spirit of Goddess/God in incremental steps to our enlightenment.

The human body is a very complex matrix of electricity. Apart from the chakra system, we also have 14 basic pairs of meridians of the body. The energy taken in by the chakras is dispersed by the meridians, used by the body, balanced and then exits by the 28 minor chakras, seen in the aura as different colours that vary according to the energy used and emotions felt at the time. The meridians are the basic matrix/hologram/electrical framework that forms the fundamental structure of all living matter.

In humans, the meridians are energised from the moment of conception through the 12 main chakra entry points. For simplicity, we refer to the 7 major ones because the 12 have seven frequencies. In Chinese medicine, the meridians align loosely with the ten fingers and toes, following a line from head to foot. In Qaballah the ten numerical digits or sephiroth also parallel the fingers.

The five fingers of the hand contain a total of fourteen bones, (14 x 2 = 28). The left hand represents the feminine pillar of the Tree and Binah at the thumb; Geburah, the index finger; Hod, middle finger; Yesod, ring finger and Malkuth, the little finger. The right hand contains the masculine principles with Kether at the thumb; Chockmah, index; Chesed, middle; Tipharet, ring and Netzach, little finger. The Sephiroth are therefore polarised through the ten fingers.

The laying on of hands or Reiki as we know it is the channelling of spiritual energy, generating tension and force. Another interesting snippet of information is that “By meditating on the fact that the ten toes represent the Ten Sephirot during intercourse, one is able to concentrate spiritual energy into the sexual organ. Through such methods, one can gain complete control over one’s sexual activities, even in the midst of intercourse. By sanctifying oneself in this manner during sexual intercourse, one is able to determine the qualities of the child that will be conceived.

The 14 meridians are positioned by the 2 basic meridians: the Governing and Conception meridians. If for any reason a meridian is affected by the shock of a physical, chemical or emotional nature, the basic matrix may be altered. The subconscious mind will subsequently alter the bone and muscle structure of the body to suit the altered matrix, therefore affecting the chakras and health of the organs fed via the nerves along the spinal column.

The meridians of the body fail and function in tantric order, usually in pairs. A Tantric order is a crown and base chakra, which corresponds with the Governing and Kidney meridians respectively; Brow and Hara, lung and large intestines; Throat and solar plexus, spleen and gallbladder, and the heart chakra corresponds to the liver meridian. The lower chakras pertain to the physical world (Nephesh). The heart and above are of a more spiritual nature (Neshamah).

The Ruach or soul is what shapes them. What we are specifically concerned with is the Middle Pillar pertaining to our spinal column which houses the central nervous system and all those little nerve endings and ganglions (love that word) that feed our organs. Amongst other things, the Tree of Life represents the body as a complicated system of electrical fields around which the human form constructs itself and through which we function. Like the chakras, life, in its myriad of forms, moves in cycles; from conception and beyond to death and beyond.

Meridians And Chakras

Our job is to balance these forces in order to be true to our own unique expression. In the Tree, the centre point is Tiphereth, (The heart) representing harmony, balance and beauty. It is symbolic of the Sun astrologically, the Heart centre in the chakra system of the human body. It’s like the nucleus of an atom in physics. Tiphereth is also the centre of the so-called Christ consciousness, the mystical centre of devotion and the higher self.

It is seen as the connecting link between higher and lower states. It is known as the ‘Mediating Intelligence’ as it acts as a link between material Malkuth and the godhead – Kether. Most of us are under the false assumption that the mind is in the head or our brain, but it is in fact in this centre. Tiphereth is cleansing and regenerating and its light bestows healing energy throughout the entire pattern.

On a practical and physical level, by working through your personal power centres or chakras, the attributes of which are clearly described in all Tantric and Yogic teachings, you gain access to your master the central column (your spine) in which lies the source of power or the kundalini. The pattern of this ancient geometric design is the Jewell or the diamond or, as the word sephirah implies, the sapphire from the Hebrew word meaning the radiance of God. We are looking at a map of spiritual progress, starting at the lowest and most worldly sphere of the Tree of Life, known as Malkuth or Kingdom, and representing the physical world of elements, earth, air, fire and water; requiring the fifth element, spirit to unite them.

On the Tree, Malkuth sits over the base chakra. This chakra is activated at birth. We then move to the second, and so on, as we journey through the cycles of our lives and the Tree. It’s like a spiral. Let’s study the underlying truths, which these systems contain by looking at the Chakras in conjunction with the Sephiroth. The chakras act as filters for discordant energies. Their basic function is to concentrate, distribute and transform the energy which circulates through the body and form an interface between the body and the soul within the principal channel of subtle energy known as the Shushummi in the Indian tradition. This principle channel of subtle energy is located in the core of the spinal column within the Duramata.

The Latin word Duramata translates as the ‘big mother.’ It is housed within the spine and contains not only the silver cord or kundalini but on a physical level, the craniosacral fluid which acts as the hydraulic system for the body. If there are any obstructions along this central column the craniosacral fluid is inhibited from doing its proper job. The kundalini rises in the course of spiritual awakening as consciousness is expanded.

Chakras are often referred to as spinning wheels (like the Sephiroth) which are activated with intention one by one, starting with the lowest frequency. Like the Tree, there are positive and negative energies within each wheel, worlds within worlds. There are also subtle energy channels within the body, known as nadis. Two of these Nadis spiral around the central channel. The light Nadi is called Pingala, the Sun Channel.

It is masculine, solar and warming by nature and its course is from the left testicle in man and the left side of the vulva in women to the right nostril. The Luna Nadi compliments this pattern on the other side of the body. At its core, it is the Brahma Nadi, the channel for supreme consciousness within the individual.

The Sushimna, contains within itself equivalents of both Pingala and Ida Pingala and Ida correspond to the masculine and feminine principles within all of us, regardless of Gender. They are symbolized by the medical caduceus or the serpents of Hermes. The Brahma Nadi equates to the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life. It is the link between the macrocosm and the microcosm, the channel of individual consciousness.

The seven major chakra points at which the Nadi cross are known as chakras. By bringing Pingala and Ida into conscious balance, the adept seeks to awaken the serpent power known as kundalini, the coiled energy that sleeps at the base of the spine. When awakened, this energy rises up the Brahma Nadi within the Sushumna Nadi and opens the chakras. When the highest chakra is reached, we experience the bliss of the supreme consciousness of Brahman, the indestructible and absolute consciousness of the universe. © Jyoti Eagles druid priestess

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