Release Cleanse Energize Meditation

Relaxation Guided Meditation youtube Exercise – Release Cleanse Energize
meditation – spiritual visualization video by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Release Cleanse Energize Meditation

Guided Meditation Video

Meditation / Release, Cleanse & Energize by Ian Scott

Meditation Introduction

Learn the art of meditation free, relieving one of stress, harmonize the body and mind and lift the soul to higher consciousness. There are many forms of meditation, still, meditations, intuition-based, spiritual development guided meditation, or even moving meditations, such as tai chi.

Visualizations are used to focus a meditation toward a specific goal and to help one achieve a state of meditation. Meditation music is used to achieve a state of relaxation and to create the spiritual ambiance needed to drift into deep meditation when the music stops.

Release Cleanse Energize Meditation

A spiritual Guided Meditation Music and written meditation technique. Meditation Exercise For relaxation, Stress Relief and re-centering the chakras from psychic medium Ian Scott

About The Author, Ian is a Professional Psychic Medium from Australia has over 30 years of experience. Author of Nature’s Oracle Cards. Ian’s amazing psychic ability and warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian created Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine to share his automatic writing ability. Channeling messages for the general public. Giving a global voice to our spiritual guides. Join him on his quest in sharing enlightenment with the world. A spiritually awakened soul nurtures the earth allowing it to thrive. Read his entire profile >