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Re-Connection Love Spell

A Re-Connection Love Spell designed to bring back the love of the past or even
soul mates and twin flames using Wicca principles.

Re-Connection Love Spell
Soul mates Twin Flames Love Spell

Join the powers of the directions and the elements to reinvigorate the relationships around you. Finding peace and solace in reconnecting with loved ones. Allow forgiveness and empathy to lead the way. Cast out your spell and a healing blessing, may it come to fruition.

Relationship and Family Reconnection Love Spell

An Earth Magic Re-connection Love Spell. Emotional situations and matters of the heart lie in the west. The planet Venus is the energy and power of love. Archangel Gabriel sits and protects the west. This will be the foundation of our relationship reconnection spell.

Method and what you’ll need: Blend oil of rose and Jasmine oil with two rosemary sprigs and a few patchouli leaves. Light a pink and a blue tall candle. Place the herb and oil mix in a shallow bowl around the candles.

Invocation of the West and Venus

Dear west I invoke thee
dear the love of Venus and the Goddesses
I invoke thee

Please rescue my relationships
and send them in the rightful direction
Bless my family sending Gabriel
To watch over, heal and protect

May the shining light connects us all
in compassion and love for one another.

Stand in the far west of your home or yard (find using a compass). Place the bowl of herbs and candles on the floor and kneel on the floor with the prayer bowl in front of you. Visualize the planet Venus and all she stands for (study Venus before attempting) feel her love and healing. Repeat this invocation above three times, out aloud while raising your head upwards and pointing west. Please remember Wicca is Angelic energy. © Author Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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