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Raven Bonsai Poem

Feasting on soft figs
Nesting high and safe,
my waste in flight gives life to another light.

Raven bonsai poem

Raven Bonsai Poem

Seed of fig,
encased in Ravens soil, falls not to toil
Sharp, rigid strong mountains reaching the sky,
catch the seed without a cry.

Given a small chance
Growing old and wise
Healthy and happy for size does not matter.

Under all restrictions
Equally beautiful in every way
Not needing the space of others nor help in any way.

raven Bonsai poem

The smallest of things
Brings large rewards
Life cannot be stopped it finds a way
A gift embraced.

Born through feeding Raven
Raised in the heavens comforted by rock
Small but tall, tiny strikingly full of life.

This is my message, this is my healing
Never give in, never give up,
you’ve been given the gift of life. © Ian Scott