Create Your Own Future

Create Your Own Future
Spiritual Awareness Quotes

Create Your Own Future spiritual quote. Inspirational spiritual growth through personal knowledge of thyself and awareness developing personal skills.

Create Your Own Future Spiritual Quote

Future spiritual quote surrender to the highest force of your being, the parts of you which run at a higher vibration, happy and full of energy. Expecting only that which is for your highest purpose. Let go of all the restrictions you have placed upon yourself, allow yourself to live freely.

We do not always need to control the direction of the rides we chose to go on, all we need to do is just simply surrender to the energy of all. We need not use our logical mind to create miracles, for true magic is born from the depths of one’s soul.

Explore the spontaneous side of yourself for there lies a passion for the moment, to live in the here and now. Therefore allowing the future to create itself. Always remembering we create our own future by the choices and decisions we make today. © by psychic medium Ian Scott. Nature’s Oracle Cards