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Quantum Physics A Spiritual View

Quantum physics a spiritual view, explained patterns contained and transmitted by light are
patterns of consciousness a geometry of light-infused in every cell of our body.

quantum physics a spiritual view
Quantum Physics A Spiritual View

Quantum Physics Theories  For Beginners

Quantum physics is at last beginning to pavé the way to an analytical perspective of reality, which can soothe our masculine processes into an understanding of the feminine principles neglected in recent centuries. This ‘new’ science has helped to place our focus fairly and squarely back where it belongs: within and at the cause, rather than on effect. It points away from the many to the One. As this life-light is the source of all existence, nothing is separate.

Quantum Physics Explained

Because we experience reality as a by-product of photon emission and exchange (encapsulated in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity), we are subject to space/time continuum of events, which prevents us from observing the embedded patterns of the mind. These photon emissions or light dance an intricate dance, whirling and twirling into electromagnetic energy bundles of elemental particles which become every atom of the universe.

The information patterns contained and transmitted by light are patterns of consciousness, a geometry of light-infused in every cell of our body. We are lightly infused with consciousness. The tune that this light dances to is a song of love. The song of creation is our song. It contains and transmits information, which is a manifestation of consciousness and its natural tendency is toward achieving recognition and awareness of the reflection of our natural transcended state. The human creature is part of the evolutionary process of a vast universe, which is eternally expanding, moving ever towards cosmic consciousness. A transcended awareness of Self.

Quantum Physics and God

We seem to be standing on the threshold of a new dimension, which promises to reveal even further synchronicity between mysticism and science through the field of quantum physics, and we have only just opened a portal to begin this revolution. As we enter into this age of more sophisticated technology we are being catapulted into a five-dimensional world of quantum possibilities and our generation has the profound responsibility of heralding in a new order. An evolutionary period of patriarchal dominance is screeching to an end. It is now a matter of practical necessity to awaken that, which is to be reawakened. We must restore the balance.

We are reawakening to the fact that all worlds are created by our participation in and perception of them and as many ancient cultures have claimed, we carve our own destiny by our thoughts and actions. The thing is, that we can’t always see it because we are in it. To do so would mean to step outside of existence. The universe constantly adjusts itself to accommodate our perceived reality and to reflect back to us what is going on inside. Our external world reflects our internal one.

Everything has a particular frequency which attracts to it more of the same. Similar frequencies are like intercepting laser beams collapsing like waves to create a holographic image of fractals within our illusionary world. The mind doubles back on itself. If you carry anger or fear, for example, you will attract that energy to you. It’s the power of attraction in action. Every interaction within our unique world is a manifestation of our subconscious. Nothing really rests. We are responsible for it all, the good the bad, and the ugly. What we need to remember is that we are the entire universe; a reflection of the cosmos itself, expressing itself through a single point.

This seed that was planted at our collective conception is now reaching for a higher understanding of who we are, individually and collectively. Once enough people learn how to turn their awareness in, to be a cause, and reach a state of transcendental awareness, we are all going to experience a new way of life on the planet. And herein lies the key. The natural evolutionary path of nature utilizes mutations to transcend historical evolutionary processes.

There is a subtle wave of self-awareness sweeping our planet, which more and more people are turning into. This Self-aware human consciousness is an example of nature using mutation to transcend the norm. Our only chance of survival, as this process accelerates, is to acknowledge this quantum leap in which we are ensconced, and take charge of our own destiny as the collective reality picture undergoes a dramatic evolutionary shift. A transmutation.

These are indeed degenerative times as we experience the excruciating death pangs of an outmoded era and the push towards enlightenment increases. It is only when the harmony of the world is disturbed or interfered with that the fruits of disharmony must be endured. Nature may well purge the planet on many levels to re-establish the balance we’ve ignored, but who’s to know? we may just slip into another dimension altogether.

A parallel universe to the one we now find ourselves in beyond the constraints of time and space which is ever-present in the now moment. I can’t help but believe that if we are capable of creating such havoc, or of giving our power away to the manipulations of the darkness, the opposite is equally achievable. Most people don’t change by choice.

They only change when their circumstances dictate that they must make adjustments in their lives for their comfort or survival. Somewhere we know that the balance has been lost by humanity and that we are intrinsically incapable of living the lie we have created. Our basic drive for survival is pushing us to new frontiers. Absolutely anything is possible, but we have to choose it.

The choice is becoming our most powerful tool as we move through this. We only feel helpless to direct our course because we limit our awareness to realities of three and sometimes four dimensions, ignoring the great storehouse of information to be accessed by turning our awareness inwards and becoming self-empowered generators of life. This is done by embracing the fifth dimension of our spirit or the source of our being.

Quantum Physics Spiritual View

Just as our body is constituted of billions of cells, which transmit messages between each other, the airwaves are laden with atomic bundles called memes that influence our thoughts. They carry Worldviews and cultural trends, which dictate the very way we live.  Not to mention some rather toxic subliminal suggestions which infiltrate the airwaves and are designed to manipulate and control us.

In order to create internal change, we need to produce new cells to which our new thought forms can attach. One of the current worldviews is the theory that we have all chosen this in the first place to learn about our limitless. If that is so, and we have inadvertently chosen to deny the fact that we chose it in the first place, then what an exquisite situation for limitation!

The way to create change is not to feed the fears of the mass consciousness but to recognize that at our source we are driven by the same universal energy or life force. The same Ki or light that flows through every living particle of existence, and we are One. A simple daily meditation focusing on this light by circulating and saturating every cell in the body empowers and invigorates the individual. This then becomes the power of One.

It works because it transforms the core of any dis-ease or negative thought-form and provides an opportunity to transcend old behavioural patterns and indoctrination. It creates a resonance of harmony and balance between body, mind, and spirit, which reconnects us with our sometimes latent yet instinctual natural ability to heal. The body heals itself. It is designed that way.

Our ancestors have all existed and contributed to our evolutionary process, so that we, in this present time, can benefit from their wisdom, to be the midwives for this process of transformation. We carry their experiences and memories in our genetic structure. Each cell in our body contains the knowledge of our amoeba beginnings and our ultimate destination. We are each individual cells in the body of humanity, each programmed with the capacity to contribute to the healthy functioning of the whole.

The cells that produce the hair follicles of the head never come in contact with the cells that produce the toenails, but they are still a part of the same body. From this perspective, we are not separate. How much better would it be for humanity to participate consciously in the Great Work of our soul group by embracing the wisdom of our forebears, who seem to have had a profound understanding of the ultimate science of transcendental awareness? That the universe is an infinite and beautiful allusion a dance of energy, light, motion, and mind and we are a part of its creation.