Psychic Insights 2019

psychic insights 2019

Psychic Insights 2019 a look at future events and study of some
channelled messages and visions from psychic medium Ian Scott.

Psychic Insights 2019

The visions that took my attention for 2019 were in great numbers. Too much to record here, we’re in for a busy and busty ride in 2019. I will write these in quatrains as it is the safest way for me to deliver a message.

“Ships of enormous size and grandeur surround the North Korea coastline. Held by two major leaders as a form of protection

“A threat of planes taking to the skies from the largest power on earth”

“Severe economic hardship for the countries already experiencing problems, a Europe connection brings the stock market to a halt”

“Major banks including the governing powers of the reserve bank start to be scrutinized in all major countries”

The words I hear which scare me, are ” War is inevitable in 2019″ I honestly believe as a psychic, I see things only because there is a chance to change the course of future events. If there is ever a time to put aside our differences and work together it is now.

Strong and overwhelming ocean volcanic activity is to hit many times all over the world in 2019. Indonesia has three tsunamis on the way which of the first has already hit. Japan sees water rise and cover mountains. Nepal sees mountains moving, an adjustment activity, at a fast pace leading to three and four bouts of mother natures destruction. India and Australia are to see great winds and water to sliding land.

Spiritual Ascension 2019

Since the 1980’s I have been informed the earth is slowly moving on its axis, causing the problems we have today. What we call climate change. The earth is undergoing a polarity shift one in which we can survive if we join hands and all becomes friends. Treating all human beings as if they were our own family. This takes the ascension of at least 25 per cent of the population to rise and start to ease the planet through its changes. All we stand for in climate change is exactly what we need to do, too slow things down. The earth’s grid system is now in constant fluctuation when the poles settle in and around the year 2031 so too does the planet.

In conclusion, I did not change the way I received these messages. I wrote them here directly from my notes. My notes are taken the immediate moment I receive a message. Although I wish they would stop waking me at 4;44 am to write for them. Note: Use your own intuition to fill in the rest of the quatrains you see here.

© As channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott – Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

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