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Spiritual Awakening In Preparation

Spiritual awakening Understanding the energy shifts around us will help us
transcend the historical awakening taking place on the planet right now.

spiritual awakening
Seeing through the looking glass

Spiritual Awakening The Time Has Come

Hatred, greed, and the lust to kill is leaving humanity, we live at a pivotal point in mankind’s history. Spiritual awakening creeping up ever so slowly is the realization of where we are headed as a human race.

A volatile time is ahead but needed to awaken the planet, we can no longer live as warmongers loving to kill and conquer. The use of the earth’s materials as ways to exist are coming to an end, a conscious awakening of caring for our planet rather than raping it is coming.

The planets people are gradually becoming peaceful, feeling the pain of hurting other living things. A heightened sense of compassion is experienced by all. Moral standards are lifting and we as a collective are no longer accepting dishonesty and corruption.

The day is coming when killing any living thing is thought of as the worst possible thing one could do. Our planet is now receiving energies from other galaxies in the form of light reflected off the moon. Earth is also in transition, we have been experiencing these energy shifts since 2012, it now intensifies as we come to the climax of our changing direction.

Preparation For Spiritual Awakening

The earth’s people are in a state of metamorphosis we are like the butterfly caught in transition. Understanding the energy shifts around us will help us transcend the historical awakening taking place on the planet right now.

It is of vital importance we stay fit and healthy as we cannot afford to become ill physically. The shift of energies is strong and may damage our health even further if we are already ill, please remember health is a state of mind we must now more than ever think healthy. Listen carefully to the body ask yourself if what I’m about to put in my body good for me.

Dramatic changes in the world upset the balance temporarily, at this time the sensitives of the planet will feel dizziness of the mind. Meditation is our saviour here it will realign our subtle bodies and open all chakras ( wheel ) allowing us to receive full benefit from the incoming energy shifts. Morning meditation has many spiritual and ascension benefits especially if practised regularly.

Time To Awaken

Over the past four years since the shift began, we have all seen darker days both spiritually, physically and globally. These dark days are an absolute necessity to prepare us for the next two years of transition. We should all now be at the end of what personal traumas existed in our lives, giving way to fresh energy with which to spiritually help the planet’s people along. Those that are yet to be spiritually awakened.

Embrace the changes coming our way, enjoy the time in which we live, all things are possible. We are only limited by the thoughts we have. Focus on conscious intent to be aware of the thoughts ( thoughts hold energy ) we are sending out to the universe. At this time the energy is so heightened that if we think doom and gloom, enter doom and gloom, literally calling the energy straight to you. In turn, having negative effects on our lives.

Blessing, though, it also works the other way. Focus on good positive intent and that is exactly what the universe will show us in return. To the ones who have come here from far away places and find it emotionally draining and difficult to live in such a harsh negative environment. Hang on the change is here. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

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