Druid Peace Ritual

Inner peace spells and rituals. a druid peace ritual invocation to bring
peace to the world and to your own heart. by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

druid peace ritual
A Druid Peace Ritual

Facing the gate of Earth in the south or north, depending on which hemisphere you live, gather peace within your centre and breathe it out through the palm of your right upheld hand towards the gate, and say: “May there be peace in the South. “.

(North). Know that peace is pouring through you and radiating forth in that direction. Turn and face the opposite direction before the gate of Fire. Point the palm of your extended hand at heart level and send peace through the gateway.

“May there be peace in the North”. (South). Feel and know that peace flows through you in this direction.

Turning to the Western gateway repeat the procedure saying
“May there be peace in the West. “.

Turn around and do the same in the East.
“May there be peace in the east.”

Spinning back to the centre of your circle see before you a pillar of white light coming up from the earth towards the sky. Visualise the light as the core or central tube of a Torus which surrounds the planet; and say: “May there be peace throughout the whole world.” As you stand in the centre of your temple, in the centre of your being, in the centre of the world, gather peace within.

Standing at the gate of your temple,
be it either in your inner world or the material realm,
centre yourself.

  Druid Peace Ritual Invocation
Taking 3 deep breaths and consciously letting go of all your busy thoughts say:
“Deep within the centre of my being may I find peace.
Silently, within the centre of the grove, may I share peace,
and calmly within the greater circle of mankind may I radiate peace. “

Truly feel at peace.

“Grant O Goddess thy protection
And in thy protection strength
And in strength understanding
And in understanding knowledge
And in Knowledge the knowledge of justice
And in the knowledge of justice the love of it
And in the love of it the love of all existences
Goddess and all that is good. ”
Take a moment to connect.

Visualise this peace pours through your core and showers the planet with a mist of peace.  See the mist soaking in and penetrating where it is needed most.  Know that this peace you feel is healing energy and it is spreading over the entire globe. If it helps to use colour in your visualisation do so. Whatever colour feels right for you.

Now seek out the elitist power mongers who pretend to rule the world; and knowing the Goddess protects you, shower them all with the mist of peace. Let it permeate through their shields of greed and misuse power and destroy their negativity.

See this energy slowly dissolve and know that this peace will continue to slowly devour it, replacing it with a sense of calm and compassion. Helping us all realise that we are One. Separation is an illusion.

Stay with this contemplation for as long as feels right for you and when you are ready to bring yourself back to your centre and, thanking the quarter guardians, slowly come back to the here and now. So mote it be. Druid priestess, © Jyoti Eagles.

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