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A.R.R “A Path To Ascension”

A.R.R is an acronym for accountability, responsibility, and respect.
If we all had these qualities the world would be a much better place.

path to ascension
A.R.R Path to ascension by Ian Scott

A Path To Ascension

It’s an observation I just can’t ignore. No one seems to be accountable or responsible for anything. No, it’s not me. I didn’t do it. “It wasn’t me” quote shaggy. Take some of the latest news from today. People fleeing countries due to violence war famine and whatever else the devil comes up with.

So the people run from their homes hoping to find a safe happy place. Who then takes responsibility, the country to where the people are fleeing to. This is wrong, where is the accountability, responsibility, and respect for the people from their own governments? World leaders should be totally ashamed of themselves.

How about something simple. Take the person who bumps into you at the shops. Instead of oh I’m sorry, you receive a snarl and a grunt. Quote, black-eyed peas “where is the love”. Let’s break it down. The man who bumped you did not take accountability for his actions. We know this because he felt as if he didn’t need to apologize.

If there’s no accountability there’s no responsibility and definitely no respect. If we don’t make people accountable and responsible for their actions, you can forget about ever having respect.

Practising A.R.R

If humans are to truly ascend to higher beings, we must look at ourselves in total honesty. If A.R.R is practised. All things which are unfair and unjust, like the way women have been treated for hundreds of years. Suddenly become so wrong, it creates a catalyst of change that emerges from deep within.

A.R.R is not just a personal spiritual experience. It’s a game-changer. Because as a person who practises A.R.R seeing something wrong, seeing others behaving badly and so forth. Is a call to the practised to make that person accountable, responsible and display respect. For example, if you don’t, you yourself are showing disrespect for the victim by not helping when you know you should.

A.R.R has the ability to change the world we live in. If all countries and their leaders showed and genuinely believed in enhancing the world. The planet would become a better place, not a place of war. Nor childlike games of money, power and greed.

Now I know what your thinking. Sounds like a whistleblower to me. Only if you perceive it that way. If we all stand together and say enough is enough. We all now practise A.R.R then it becomes commonplace to do the right thing and speak the truth.

This is the way we will all get a go. For, with respect comes fairness and equality. With accountability comes honesty and trust. With responsibility comes compassion and understanding. Which all leads to empathy.

It’s an ahh moment! An epiphany a way and a path to spiritual ascension. A direct route to freedom, love, compassion and empathy. Say it slowly ARRRRH. Take a deep breath after and relax into a better way of living.  Copyright 2021 Psychic Medium Ian Scott.