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December Spiritual Meaning

December spiritual Meaning represents unity & Trust, A Divine connection,
Success in all areas of life, Challenges, and commitments. Victory.

december spiritual meaning
Meaning Of The Month Of December

For the ancient Romans, the month of December signifies the time to honour the Gods. Keeping the earth fertile and abundant. A time to celebrate the goddess or god inside of us all. To hold as sacred our spirit our soul, the gift of life.

The Month of December’s official birthstone is Turquoise. December Birth Flower is the Holly (or Narcissus). The Tropical Zodiac sign for December is Sagittarius on November the 22nd to December the 21st and Capricorn on December the 22nd to January 19th. Sidereal Zodiac: Scorpio November 17 to December 15 and Sagittarius December 16 to January 14th.

December Metaphysical Symbology

The month of December’s spiritual meaning represents unity & Trust, A Divine connection, Success in all areas of life, Challenges and commitments, A time when your own personal power is put to the test, succeeding will take courage, risk, trust, and compassion. Tribal collective energy which may be utilized for group or global meditation will be beneficial in the month of December. The owl animal spirit watchers over the month of December.

December Energy Shifts

Finding enlightenment in the smallest tasks associated with our endeavours both personal and business this month of December will activate an acute awareness derived from the 5th chakra ( First of the spiritual chakra’s, Throat chakra – meaning To speak your truth, self-expression, To speak and to listen ). Procuring a super-consciousness meditation state for those wishing and able to tap into cosmic knowledge.

December Events

Egil Skallagrimsson’s Day

Numerology December

December the 12th month is a three in numerology. The triquetra the three of threes. dynamic symbol of magical energies displayed in unison for all to prosper. December dates for the most powerful times aligning with the universe to create the positive of outcomes are the 11th and 12th of December, 21st of December and the 28th of December.

December Spiritual Meaning

December meaning has a spiritual test of wisdom that accompanies those on the path in the month of December, the attainment gained in wisdom is, not to jump to conclusions until the entire chessboard has been revealed.

Have an eagle’s view, study the entire picture before action is taken. December 21st / 22nd is the time of Alban Arthan the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and Alban Heruin summer solstice in the southern hemisphere.  Happy Holidays! © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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