Feminine Era Of Ascension

Feminine Era Of Ascension

Society may have changed on the outer but our inner instincts remain universally united as we strive for personal development and growth. This year as you set your resolutions consider not just your material and emotional desires, look deeper for your deepest souls desire. We have crossed a threshold this season and the inner worlds are opening to all of us as the feminine era re-emerges with an opportunity for global transformation as well as personal.  Not for another 26,000 years will you have this opportunity again.

1.  Reflect on this years harvest.

What have you learned? What have you achieved? Where could you make improvements. Meditate on these thoughts.

2. Write it down. Writing it has a way of collapsing the wave and working with your subconscious

3. Set some goals – both long-term and short-term – for this year.

Remember to watch your limiting thoughts. Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve. !

4. Make a cork board wish list with your intentions for this year and put cut out images from mags or papers that symbolize what you want.

Better still paint or draw it yourself but remember to stir those creative juices in you inner cauldron – the place where conception occurs.

The idea of the board is so that when ever you see it you are reminded of where you have aimed your arrow !  Put it somewhere obvious.

5. Know in your heart that this will come to pass and that all you are doing is filling in the time between now and when it manifests.

Blessed be – Jyoti eagles