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Astrology Moon Planner 2020

Astrological Moon Planner 2020 Australia, new and full moon, star signs, times and dates. With meanings and runestone, animal spirit readings for each moon phase from psychic medium Ian Scott.

moon planner 2020

Astrological Moon Planner 2020

Astrology new and full moon phases for 2020. Each phase of the moon has a metaphysical reading attached. Reading the animal spirit and rune stone meaning will give you the energy of the moon phase and what to expect over the period. All runes and animal spirit readings for the moon planner were chosen by psychic medium Ian Scott while in meditation.

January Full Moon

Full moon January the 9th 2020. In the sign of Cancer at 20 degrees. Lunar Eclipse. Seek that which is hidden.

Rune Stone: Sowilo

Animal Spirit: Goanna

January New Moon

The new moon is in Aquarius on the 24th AEST of January. Find a way through the obstacles.

Rune Stone: Inguz

Animal Spirit: Lion

Important Astrological Dates In January

25th of January year of the metal rat in Chinese astrology.

27th Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, Romance and soul mate meetings.

February Full Moon

The full moon in Leo on February the 9th AEST at 20 degrees. Got to risk it for the biscuit.

Rune Stone: Gebo

Animal Spirit: Cat

February New Moon

The new moon in Pisces on February the 24th AEST.

Rune Stone: Kenaz

Animal Spirit: Hawk

Important Astrological Dates In February

Imbolc Spring Festival – 1st/2nd February in the Northern Hemisphere.
Lughnasadh (also known as Lammas2nd February in the Southern Hemisphere.

7th of February Venus enters Aries, a trying time for relationships.

16th of February Mars enters Capricorn kick-starting new ideas and fresh projects.

March Full Moon Planner 2020

March full moon on the 10th of March AEST in the star sign Virgo.

Rune Stone: Raidho

Animal Spirit: Kangaroo

March New Moon

The new moon is in Aries on the 24th of March 2020 AEST.

Rune Stone: Eihwaz

Animal Spirit: Jaguar

Important Moon Planner Dates In March

Alban Elir Spring Equinox – 21/22nd March – Northern Hemisphere.
Alban Elfed Autumn Equinox – 21/21 March – Southern hemisphere.

30th of March Mars enters Aquarius, fire, fights water.

Full Moon April

Full Moon in the star sign Libra on the 8th of April 2020 AEST.

Rune Stone: Fehu

Animal Spirit: Fox

New Moon April

The new moon in April falls on the 23rd in the sign of Taurus. Sun enters Taurus.

Rune Stone: Isa

Animal Spirit: Butterfly

Important Astrological Dates In April

4th of April Venus In Gemini Trines Saturn In Aquarius.  Rich exciting times.

Mercury enters Aries on the 11th of April causing fiery communications.

Full Moon May

The full moon in May on the 7th rests in the sign of Scorpio. Avoid risky situations.

Rune Stone: Perth

Animal Spirit: Elephant

New Moon May

The new moon in Gemini lies on the 23rd AEST 2020. Positive and informative.

Rune Stone: Berkana

Animal Spirit: Water Dragon

Important Astrological Dates In May

Beltane – 1st May Northern Hemisphere.
Samhain fire festival – 1st of May in the Southern Hemisphere.

20th of May Sun enters Gemini affecting synchronicity and spontaneity.

Full Moon June

Full moon lunar eclipse on the 6th of June AEST in the star sign Sagittarius.

Rune Stone: Hagalaz

Animal Spirit: Dragon

New Moon June

The new moon is in Cancer a solar eclipse on the 20th of June. Enjoy home life tonight.

Rune Stone: Nauthiz

Animal Spirit: Emu

Important Astrological Dates In June

Alban Arthan Winter Solstice – 21 and 22nd June Southern Hemisphere.
Alban Heruin Summer Solstice – 21st/22nd June in the Northern Hemisphere.

20th 21st of June Summer Soltice solar eclipse in Cancer, Solar flare ascension.

Full Moon July

Full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th of July AEST 2020.

Rune Stone: Wunjo

Animal Spirit: Panther

New Moon July

The new moon on the 20th of July resides in the star sign of Cancer.

Rune Stone: Berkana

Animal Spirit: Owl

Important Astrological Dates In July

Mercury goes direct in Cancer on the 12th of July. Mayhem, be accountable for your actions.

Sun enters Leo on the 22nd danger of heated arguments and confusion.

Full Moon August

The full moon is on the 4th AEST of August in the sign of Aquarius. Celebration of positive changes.

Rune Stone: Jera

Animal Spirit: Frog

New Moon August

The new moon is in Leo on the 19th of August AEST 2020. Watch for extremities.

Rune Stone: Ansuz

Animal Spirit: Ladybug

Important Astrological Dates In August

Imbolc Sring Festival – 1st/2nd August in the Southern Hemisphere.
Lughnasadh Festival – 1st August Northern Hemisphere.

Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd of August, balanced wisdom.

Full Moon September

The full moon is on the 2nd of September in the star sign of Pisces. Trust your intuition.

Rune Stone: Uruz

Animal Spirit: Dragonfly

New Moon September

The new moon sits in Virgo and lands on the 17th of September. Proceed with caution.

Rune Stone: Thurisaz

Animal Spirit: Eagle

Important Astrological Dates In September

Alban Elir Spring Equinox – 21st/22nd September – Southern Hemisphere.
Alban Elfed Autumn Equinox – 21/22nd September – Northern hemisphere

22nd equinox Sun enters Libra.

Full Moon October

The full moon on the 2nd AEST falls in the sign of Aries.

Rune Stone: Algiz

Animal Spirit: Tiger

New Moon October

The new moon falls on the 16th of October in the sign of Libra.

Rune Stone: Tewaz

Animal Spirit: Dog

Full Moon October

The 2nd full moon for October lands on the 31st AEST in the sign of Taurus, love, and finances. See October full blue moon report here >

Rune Stone: Mannaz

Animal Spirit: Seahorse

Important Astrological Dates In October

11th of October Sun in Libra Square Jupiter In Capricorn fires and floods.

The 31st of October on Halloween is a blue moon.

New Moon November

The new moon in November falls on the 15th of November in the sign of Scorpio. The new moon sextile Jupiter gives us the spiritual awakening we need to overcome the negative of any or all situations around us right now. Empathy now becomes the awakening and healing energy we all need right now. Especially true for Taurus, Gemini and Sagittarius star signs.

Rune Stone: Algiz

Animal Spirit: Dragonfly

Full Moon November

The 30th of November sees the full moon fall in the sign of Gemini. Lunar Eclipse. The spiritual meaning behind the November full moon is one of deliberate organization and completion. Keeping focused and busy on your end of year goals now will guarantee their success. Emotionally this full moon activates a strong pull toward family, igniting closer bonds, take this opportunity to repair any relationships which have become fractured.

Rune Stone: Othila

Animal Spirit: Wombat

Important Astrological Dates In November

21st of November sun enters Sagittarius and Venus enters Scorpio, final love.

New Moon Planner 2020 December

New moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius falls on the 14th AEST. Emotional. The December new moon energy shifts filter out the I’m just trying team from the I’m going to succeed team. Now is the time to put your best foot forward and tackle those unfinished tasks, among them is a talent you could prosper from but have forgotten about.

Rune Stone: Dagaz

Animal Spirit: Koala

Full Moon December

The full moon December 2020 falls on the 30th in the sign of Cancer, Political change. What beautiful aspects for a December full moon, warm loving energy wafts in from the universe late this month. The turtle guides us through this month with her subtle motherly tones.

Rune Stone: Laguz

Animal Spirit: Bat

Important Astrological Dates In December

Alban Arthan Winter Solstice – 21 and 22nd December Northern Hemisphere.
Alban Heruin Summer Solstice – 22nd December in the Southern Hemisphere.

19th Jupiter enters Aquarius bringing passion and luck to all circumstances.

21st Winter Solstice sun enters Capricorn.

 © Psychic Medium Ian Scott