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Moon Phases Astrology 2021

Moon phases Astrology 2021 Australia. Dates times and
star signs to plan your lunar year and get the best out of 2021.

moon phases astrology 2021

A moon report for each new moon and full moon throughout the year can be found here. Each month Ian updates this page with the spiritual meanings of the new and full moons. Check-in each month for updates. Find yourself a piece of moonstone and let’s enrich 2021. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Moon Phases Dates And Times AEST

January Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 6 January 7:39 pm

New Moon in Capricorn 23°: 13 January 3:01 pm

The Capricorn new moon January 2021 is conjunct Pluto. A turn in critically thinking and alliance with the truth emerges through this energy. Jupiter square Uranus further cements this turbulent but constructive change. A time to put into action the path forward principle: accept, adapt and take action.

Spiritual meaning for the new moon in January 2021. A strong sturdy approach to your goals is needed to succeed this new moon. Stick to what you know works and follow the straight path. Be patient your efforts are about to pay off. New projects business investments and personal wealth are on the compass. Point yourself in the right direction. Related content: New Moon Spell

First Quarter Moon: 21 January 7:07 am

Full Moon in Leo 9°: 29 January 5:17 am.

Full moon January 2021 astrology. Full moon square Mars opposite Jupiter setting off our negative traits. Bringing aggressive energy and a lack of patience. If you suffer from a short fuse take extra time to calm yourself during this two-week period ending on the new moon in February.

This energy channelled correctly, can act as a catalyst to boost our efforts towards reaching those goals we have set ourselves. Saturn square Uranus triggers any emotional conflict we may have with ourselves, our family, and our friends. If willing a time to heal old wounds from the past.

February Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 5 February 3:39 am
New Moon in Aquarius 23°: 12 February 5:07 am

The new moon in Aquarius signals a shift in cosmic energy. The Capricorn moon cycle ends and the Aquarius moon cycle begins. Synchronistically several planets are also in Aquarius, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun. This gathering of lights is called a stellium. All combining to an intense new moon experience.

New moons in Wicca are a time to set new personal intentions, make fresh plans, and to start new projects. This new moon is one of the most powerful moon phases to do just that. The conglomeration of planets expelling extra energy virtually doubles our manifestation abilities.

February 12th marks the Chinese lunar new year of the Metal Ox. Rewards and abundance for previous hard work are in order. The Ox augers strength, courage and nourishment. Steadfast trustworthy energy enters at this time. Moving deeper into the age of Aquarius energies.

Mercury is retrograde at this time. But don’t let that kill your mood. It’s important to stay positive, as this energy carries us through the entire year. If there’s ever a time to build up your inner spirit it’s this new moon.

First Quarter Moon: 20 February 4:48 am
Full Moon in Virgo 8°: 27 February 6:19 pm

A time to heal, the Virgo full moon this February has the goddess touch. After trying times the planet moves forward. And so does our personal and working lives. A beautiful encouraging nourishing full moon. The full moon is of one mind with Uranus bringing forth an acceptance of movement and change.

Sun in Pisces adds a flow of soft gentle energy to any changes to occur over the next two weeks. It is an indication of renewal. Discarding what no longer works and finding inspiration in the challenge to get the wheels turning. The message is to embrace what’s around the corner. Without first seeing where that corner may lead you.

On this bright full moon rising, treat yourself to her energy. Bask in the moonlight if you can. A mind-body-soul recharge is well overdue. Allow this energy to rejuvenate your spirit. Contemplate only with positive thoughts.

March Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 6 March 11:30 am
New Moon 13 March in Pisces 23° 8:21 pm
First Quarter Moon: 22 March 10:42 am
Full Moon Libra 8°: 29 March 4:49 am

April Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 4 April 8:05 pm

New Moon Aries 22°: 12 April 12:32 pm

The Aries new moon finally shows some positive energy. Mars trine Jupiter gives us a chance to recoup and gather once again powerful spiritual energy. A chance to melt away our misfortunes of the past few months. A doorway if you like to a successful chapter. This energy gives us an opportunity to improve our relationships advance our businesses and move forward.

A time to breakthrough external negatives which have been holding us back. It’s been a trying time in the universe of celestial energy, and not just because of covid. On April 14 the beautiful soft energy of Venus moves into Taurus. Furthering the positive spiritual energy. A time of the dragonfly resurrected transformational energy.

The perfect time to set intentions for the rest of the year. The new moon’s positive aspects will help us align with the core principles of manifestation. With the first of the Zodiac signs Aries and a new moon on target. The negative energies of the psychopaths of the world are finally shifting towards the empaths of the world. A time when compassion and empathy take over.

First Quarter Moon: 20 April 5:00 pm

Full Moon Scorpio 7°: 27 April 1:33 pm

April full moon 2021 Astrology meanings and aspects. The Scorpio full moon is an intense episode of inner growth and self-conflict resolution. A psychological death of the things which don’t work for you anymore. Not just the physical or others in your life, but well-integrated forms of self-sabotage.

It allows us to see the unhealthy bonds we have and the healthy ones. A time of transformation. The April full moon will square Saturn in Aquarius so letting go of these things and rebuilding may not come easy for some.

The scorpion energy available to us this full moon coming. Gives us a chance to make something old new again. It helps us refresh and reboot past traumas and emotions we have not yet dealt with. The full moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus so it throws at a chance to unravel the complexities of the mind. Giving way to the spirit to take control of matters.


Last Quarter Moon: 4 May 5;51 am
New Moon Taurus 21°: 12 May 5:01 am
First Quarter Moon: 20 May 5:15 am
Full Moon Sagittarius 5°: 26 May 9:15 pm Lunar Eclipse

Moon Phases Astrology 2021 June

Last Quarter Moon: 2 June 5:24 pm
New Moon Gemini 19°: 10 June 8:52 pm Solar Eclipse
First Quarter Moon: 18 June 1:54 pm
Full Moon Capricorn 3°: 25 June 4:40 am


Last Quarter Moon: 2 July 7:10 am
New Moon Cancer 18°: 10 July 11:16 am
First Quarter Moon: 17 July 8:11 pm
Full Moon Aquarius 1°: 24 July 12:37 pm
Last Quarter Moon: 31 July 11:16 pm


New Moon Leo 16°: 8 August 11:50 pm
First Quarter Moon: 16 August 1:19 am
Full Moon Aquarius 29°: 22 August 10:02 pm
Last Quarter Moon: 30 August 5:13 pm


New Moon Virgo 14°: 7 September 10:52 am
First Quarter Moon: 14 September 6:39 am
Full Moon Pisces 28°: 21 September 8:53 am
Last Quarter Moon: 29 September 11:57 am


New Moon Libra 13°: 6 October 9:05 pm
First Quarter Moon: 13 October 1:25 pm
Full Moon Aries 27°: 21 October 12:57 am
Last Quarter Moon: 29 October 6:05 am


New Moon Scorpio 12°: 5 November 7:14 am
First Quarter Moon: 11 November 10:46 pm
Full Moon Taurus 27°: 19 November 6:57 pm Lunar Eclipse
Last Quarter Moon: 27 November 10:28 pm

Moon Phases Astrology 2021 December

New Moon Sagittarius 12°: 4 December 5:43 pm Solar Eclipse
First Quarter Moon:11 December 11:35 am
Full Moon Gemini 27°: 19 December 2:35 pm
Last Quarter Moon: 27 December 12:24 pm

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