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Moon Phases Astrology 2021

Moon phases Astrology 2021 Australia. Dates times and
star signs to plan your lunar year and get the best out of 2021.

moon phases astrology 2021
New And Full Moon Meanings 2021

A moon report for each new moon and full moon throughout the year can be found here. Each month Ian updates this page with the spiritual meanings of the new and full moons. Check-in each month for updates. Find yourself a piece of moonstone and let’s enrich 2021. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

January Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 6 January 7:39 pm

New Moon in Capricorn 23°: 13 January 3:01 pm

The Capricorn new moon January 2021 is conjunct Pluto. A turn in critically thinking and alliance with the truth emerges through this energy. Jupiter square Uranus further cements this turbulent but constructive change. A time to put into action the path forward principle: accept, adapt and take action.

Spiritual meaning for the new moon in January 2021. A strong sturdy approach to your goals is needed to succeed this new moon. Stick to what you know works and follow the straight path. Be patient your efforts are about to pay off. New projects business investments and personal wealth are on the compass. Point yourself in the right direction. Related content: New Moon Spell

First Quarter Moon: 21 January 7:07 am

Full Moon in Leo 9°: 29 January 5:17 am.

Full moon January 2021 astrology. Full moon square Mars opposite Jupiter setting off our negative traits. Bringing aggressive energy and a lack of patience. If you suffer from a short fuse take extra time to calm yourself during this two-week period ending on the new moon in February.

Fixed star Asellus cosmic aspect. This energy channelled correctly, can act as a catalyst to boost our efforts towards reaching those goals we have set ourselves. Saturn square Uranus triggers any emotional conflict we may have with ourselves, our family, and our friends. If willing a time to heal old wounds from the past.

February Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 5 February 3:39 am
New Moon in Aquarius 23°: 12 February 5:07 am

The new moon in Aquarius signals a shift in cosmic energy. The Capricorn moon cycle ends and the Aquarius moon cycle begins. Synchronistically several planets are also in Aquarius, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun. This gathering of lights is called a stellium. All combined to an intense new moon experience.

New moons in Wicca are a time to set new personal intentions, make fresh plans, and start new projects. This new moon is one of the most powerful moon phases to do just that. The conglomeration of planets expelling extra energy virtually doubles our manifestation abilities.

February 12th marks the Chinese lunar new year of the Metal Ox. Rewards and abundance for previous hard work are in order. The Ox augers strength, courage and nourishment. Steadfast trustworthy energy enters at this time. Moving deeper into the age of Aquarius energies.

Mercury is retrograde at this time. But don’t let that kill your mood. It’s important to stay positive, as this energy carries us through the entire year. If there’s ever a time to build up your inner spirit it’s this new moon.

First Quarter Moon: 20 February 4:48 am
Full Moon in Virgo 8°: 27 February 6:19 pm

A time to heal, the Virgo full moon this February has the goddess touch. After trying times the planet moves forward. And so does our personal and working lives. A beautiful encouraging nourishing full moon. The full moon is of one mind with Uranus bringing forth an acceptance of movement and change.

Sun in Pisces adds a flow of soft gentle energy to any changes to occur over the next two weeks. It is an indication of renewal. Discarding what no longer works and finding inspiration in the challenge to get the wheels turning. The message is to embrace what’s around the corner. Without first seeing where that corner may lead you.

On this bright full moon rising, treat yourself to her energy. Bask in the moonlight if you can. A mind-body-soul recharge is well overdue. Allow this energy to rejuvenate your spirit. Contemplate only with positive thoughts.

March Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 6 March 11:30 am
New Moon 13 March in Pisces 23° 8:21 pm

Aspects: New moon conjunct Venus, Sun conjunct Neptune, Fixed star Markab.

First Quarter Moon: 22 March 10:42 am
Full Moon Libra 8°: 29 March 4:49 am

Aspects: Moon opposite Venus, Moon trine Saturn.

April Astrology

Last Quarter Moon: 4 April 8:05 pm

New Moon Aries 22°: 12 April 12:32 pm

The Aries new moon finally shows some positive energy. Mars trine Jupiter gives us a chance to recoup and gather once again powerful spiritual energy. A chance to melt away our misfortunes of the past few months. A doorway if you like to a successful chapter. This energy gives us an opportunity to improve our relationships advance our businesses and move forward.

A time to break through external negatives which have been holding us back. It’s been a trying time in the universe of celestial energy, and not just because of covid. On April 14 the beautiful soft energy of Venus moves into Taurus. Furthering the positive spiritual energy. A time of the dragonfly resurrected transformational energy.

Fixed star Baten Kaitos. The perfect time to set intentions for the rest of the year. The new moon’s positive aspects will help us align with the core principles of manifestation. With the first of the Zodiac signs Aries and a new moon on target. The negative energies of the psychopaths of the world are finally shifting towards the empaths of the world. A time when compassion and empathy take over.

First Quarter Moon: 20 April 5:00 pm

Full Moon Scorpio 7°: 27 April 1:33 pm

April full moon 2021 Astrology meanings and aspects. The Scorpio full moon is an intense episode of inner growth and self-conflict resolution. A psychological death of the things which don’t work for you anymore. Not just the physical or others in your life, but well-integrated forms of self-sabotage.

Fixed star Khambalia. It allows us to see the unhealthy bonds we have and the healthy ones. A time of transformation. The April full moon will square Saturn in Aquarius so letting go of these things and rebuilding may not come easy for some.

The scorpion energy available to us this full moon coming. Gives us a chance to make something old new again. It helps us refresh and reboot past traumas and emotions we have not yet dealt with. The full moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus so it throws at a chance to unravel the complexities of the mind. Giving way to the spirit to take control of matters.

May Moon Phases 2021

Last Quarter Moon: 4 May 5;51 am

New Moon Taurus 21°: 12 May 5:01 am

A healthy positive Taurus new moon. With the new moon sextile, the planet Neptune magic happens. Our intuition sharpens over this new moon fine-tuning our psychic powers. Taurus being the practical down to earth taskmaster. We have an opportunity this new moon to set off our intentions this month. For fruition by the coming full moon.

A wish is granted. The manifestation energies of the new moon sextile Neptune brings only good fortune. Use this as a time to put out to the universe what you are wanting to happen over the next few weeks. If your intentions are not harmful to others your wish just may come true.

Mercury trine Saturn brings about deep and meaningful conversations with loved ones. A sense of family and friendship of mateship is renewed. A happy new moon with the possibility of spontaneous decisions leading to fun and excitement.

First Quarter Moon: 20 May 5:15 am

Full Moon Sagittarius 5°: 26 May 9:15 pm Lunar Eclipse

The full moon meaning May 2021 in the star sign of Sagittarius 5°. This lunar eclipse has a few sharp edges. Prepare for setbacks and all will travel well throughout the rest of this month, be safe rather than sorry. Travel is on the agenda of energies coming our way in the May full moon make it a good time through solid research and carefully considered decisions.

Family is another energy that comes into play this full moon. Life is on its way may be welcoming a new family member. Weddings and christenings and formal occasions fill the air with joy and excitement. Bringing new life to all things around you. Mend what you can and move on from what you cannot.

This full moon is destined for good luck and the opportunity to launch them into new wonderful lives. Something you have been working on for some time finally comes true, has no hesitations the only thing to be scared of is fear itself. Remind yourself how strong and ready you are to tackle any life situations put before you.

Moon Phases Astrology 2021 June

Last Quarter Moon: 2 June 5:24 pm

New Moon Gemini 19°: 10 June 8:52 pm Solar Eclipse

Surprising astrology for the new moon solar eclipse 2021. A time for fantastical adventures of the spirit. The solar eclipse provokes a period of extraordinary self-realizations. When you are able to remember a little more of your true nature developed through past lives. Powerful spiritual energies created by this new moon solar eclipse elevate our awareness and ability to perform magic.

Spiritual Message

The solar eclipse has much to teach us about the supreme nature of the human conflict. Many of us do not know how to handle confrontation and waste energy in hiding from the perceived conflict or reacting with aggression and violence.

Often facing our fears with relaxation and assertion is the best approach. Our moods and deepest desires transform into a truly magical effect. Respect the power and the rights of others. A time of clarity and action. The energy of this eclipse is strong be sure to take advantage of it. Here is a wee little spell to help you along the way. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

First Quarter Moon: 18 June 1:54 pm

June Full Moon 2021 

The astrological and spiritual meaning of the June full moon 2021. Residing in the star sign Capricorn at 3° on the 25th at 4:40 am. This full moon, get ready for some enticing enchantment. It’s a bright sensual strawberry supermoon. A time to let loose the best of you.

Sextile Jupiter provides a luscious exciting full moon, bound to bring out prosperous flowing energy.  All we have to do is tune in to our own strengths and weaknesses. By utilizing what we are good at and bettering ourselves at what we are not good at. Develops character-building spiritual growth and emotional intelligence.

Venus opposite Pluto throws this luck at our love life and close friendships. Bringing the light to the flower of the rose rather than the thorns. A perfect time to reignite sparks that have died out and bring life back into social situations.

The fixed star Polis injects its energy into the full moon this June. Adding a double whammy of fortunate energy for us to utilize. Now is the perfect time to do those things you’ve been putting off. Finishing those projects and sealing those deals. Like the full moon, Jupiter and Polis are shooting magical arrows our way. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

July Moon Phases 2021

Last Quarter Moon: 2 July 7:10 am

New Moon July 2021

The new moon is in the star sign of Cancer 18° on the 9/10th of July at 11:16 am AEST. A time to get your home life organized and in order. Not just the physical home but also the body, mind and spirit. If you feel right inside your home reflects just that. And visa versa “yes” you can make yourself feel better and more on top of things in a peaceful homely environment.

New moon sextile Uranus is the positive of this cycle. Adding a little passion and excitement into new projects and new relationships. Some difficult aspects with Venus though put a twist and spin on things. If you have proved yourself to be unworthy at times. This new moon cycle will test your integrity. Be as truthful in your relationships as possible.

The fixed star Wasat has a whisker of influence on the new moon this July. Wasat, adds spiritual meaning to the July new moon 2021. Making mistakes is a part of growth and how we mature into wise souls. But only if we learn from our previous mistakes does this take place. Take some time and think about the lessons you have already learned. And how far you have already come. And prepare to grow even further. Sentient beings unite. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

First Quarter Moon: 17 July 8:11 pm

Full Moon July Spiritual Meaning

The full moon on July the 23rd/24th sits in the star sign of Aquarius the water bearer at 1°. Aspects: Moon quincunx Venus, Venus opposite Jupiter and the Sun quincunx Jupiter. A favourable fortunate full moon affects our deepest relationships. All the down and dirty pitfalls and joyous moments relationships have to offer, are on trial over this full moon period. Which last until the new moon shifts the energy in August.

Frustrations and anger consuming irritation will hit those relationships that are unsteady this full moon. It’s a very similar energy to the number 555. These emotions although negative, lead to one taking action on decisions that should have been made long ago. When something has come to an end we do feel it. But hanging on to an ideal keeps us hanging in there for way too long. Causing more problems, frustrations and further anxiety.

This July full moon marks a time of change and action. With the message chaos forces change. Change leads to action. Action leads to a fresh new outcome. A new start. If mending a relationship, this energy is extremely helpful in setting a new course. One in which the destination is accepted by both parties.

Those in love will grow a deeper connection with each other this full moon. The essence of love drifts by the moon like a soft cloud propelled by a gentle wind. Scribe the occasion in stone connect with your lover this full moon. Allow the galaxy and its cosmic energy to reach your hearts. And let them beat as one. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

Last Quarter Moon: 31 July 11:16 pm

August Moon Phase Meanings

August New Moon Spiritual Meaning

The August New Moon astrology 2021 rests in the star sign of Leo at 16° and 14 minutes. And falls on the 8th/9th of August at 11:50 pm AEST. If we think of the last full moon as the trigger for relationship change and growth. August new moon is when the arrow hits the target. Expect unexpected change and volts stubbornness coming from an unwillingness to change.

New moon square Uranus. The spiritual meaning behind this August new moon is sometimes no matter how much we resist change. It still keeps coming. Literally, it’s the universe forcing your hand. Every moment of change provides a time of personal and spiritual growth. We just have to embrace it and allow ourselves to move on and forward.

The cosmic energies provided by this new moon are powerful indeed. It is a time to transcend what is not working and ascend to what is working for you. In this process, spiritual ascension is attained. Allowing for a download of universal knowledge to reach your conscious. © Ian Scott.

First Quarter Moon: 16 August 1:19 am

August Full Moon 2021 Astrology

The August Full Moon resides in the star sign Aquarius at 29° on the 22nd of August at 10:02 pm AEST. The August full moon fills the air with a little magic, hope and optimism. A calming, highly creative and strongly influential energy. In recent months we have been challenged with finding and accepting who we are. Our true core self, the place where our hearts desires our found.

This month’s full moon energy is an accumulation of slowly recognizing what’s important to you. And putting those things higher up the ladder of priority. Taking an active role in pleasing one’s core passions in life. Full moon conjunct Jupiter brings the excitement and rush of adrenaline needed to propel your spiritual growth. A time to release boredom and depression and replace it with doing the things that make you, you.

Venus trines Saturn. Reminds you of a little push that has a child-like excitement about all things. Actually provides the needed positive magical energy to manifest your thoughts into reality. So driving yourself with your passions and ambitions as your compass. Means but only one thing, you will succeed. © Ian Scott

Last Quarter Moon: 30 August 5:13 pm

New Moon September Astrology 2021

This month the New Moon rests in the star sign Virgo at 14° on the 6th/7th of September 2021 at 10:52 am AEST. Hang on for the ride. An exciting new moon brings expected and unexpected change. With a rapid rate of movement, this changing energy will set everyone on a new path. A correction of our soul’s compass. Again realigning with our true path.

Along with an abundant flow of psychic energy for which to work with. The September new moon presents new opportunities in the way of work, promotions and working travel options. With the universal clock ticking to place all of us in our new situations. Clever thinking and a shift of mindset, free you to take a chance on the future.

This is the new moon where we concentrate on what we are wanting in our lives. And to project those thoughts out to the universe for manifestation. Truly let go of the restraints you now feel for the soul knows no boundaries. The fixed star Coxa plays a little part in the actioning of events that lead you into the future. By placing a sense of urgency to the goals you wish to accomplish. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

First Quarter Moon: 14 September 6:39 am

Full Moon September 2021 Astrology

The Full Moon this month rests in the star sign of Pisces at 28°. On the 21st of September, 8:53 am AEST. September the month itself has magical qualities, throw in a Pisces moon with a swirl of Jupiter and Mercury. And you have a most fortunate prosperous energy.

The energy triggered by Mercury trine Jupiter kick starts entire new chapters in everyone’s life books. Think of it like we’ve been at the starting gates of a race, waiting to go. Patiently. After a misery induced length of time, the start gates finally let go. And your off, and on your way.

Take this little time before the full moon to know your path. In your mind follow the track you wish to take. So when those starting gates open. There’s no hesitation nor delay. The future begins immediately with plenty of traction. So the key to grasping this month’s magical energy is to be prepared in all ways you can. Because the countdown is on. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

Last Quarter Moon: 29 September 11:57 am

October New Moon 2021 Astrology

This month the new moon enters the star sign of Libra at 13° on the 6th October 9:05 pm AEST. This new moon period is all about balance, just as the star sign suggests. We are entering a new transition period with Mars conjunct the new moon.

A time of action vs non-action. The message is to act upon those things that you know need your attention. And withdraw from all things that do not provide constructive positive energy. With this rather forceful energy we are also confronted with the question, do we really know what needs our attention? And do we know what is not for our highest good?

Pondering upon this balance and coming to the right decisions is important for your spiritual and material wealth. As whatever you focus your energy on now will have a lasting effect over the next few months. Make it a catalyst for moving forward and achieving goals.

First Quarter Moon: 13 October 1:25 pm

Full Moon October Astrology

The full hunter’s moon this month resides in the star constellation of Aries at 27° on the 20th/21st of October. A significant full moon as on the 18th of October both Mercury and Jupiter finish their reverse cycle and begin to move forward again. The aspects which have been delaying projects and putting things on the back burner. This shift of energy will reignite the flames of progression. As the lucky abundant Jupiter starts its move forward during the full moon, so do we.

Aries the open flame fire element doubles up on the excitement. While this energy is favourable towards physical and progressional movement. This really does depend on where you’re at. For example, a strong fire push from the universe when you’re not emotionally ready to tackle the big stuff. Can be distressing and cause further anxiety, therefore, causing the same delays and dormancy.

The full moon October spiritual meaning is one of preparation. Now is the time to tie those loose ends. Fix those small things that you’ve been putting off and organize the mind. Clear the mind of past failures and regrets. Start the full moon with a fire in your belly. Encourage yourself to fire up, be the same energy as what’s coming and you’ll naturally take giant steps forward.

Watch those this full moon who have anger issues or just can’t seem to heal. As this energy is lupin like activating those aggressive werewolves, some of us have inside. Reacting badly with outward emotional bursts are likely. Especially those who already find it difficult. So, watch your loved ones over the full moon and many blessings. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Last Quarter Moon: 29 October 6:05 am

November New Moon Spiritual Meaning

The New Moon this month is in the star sign of Scorpio at 12° on the 5th of November at 7:14 am AEST. As the star sign suggests this new moon has a sting in its tail. The wheel of fortune is spinning. Your Kismet is revealed.

Along with a newfound sense of intuition and awareness. Finding our destiny, purpose and mission is front and centre. Now more than ever. With the human race starting to take steps towards self-awareness. It becomes the essence of all we strive for over this new moon and beyond. Self-awareness and responsibility.

This new moon signifies what actions should and should not be taken. Both in our personal life and our business or work life. With such influential energy upon us, it makes it a little easier to see ourselves for who we truly are. And this knowledge, allows us to take leaps and bounds in spiritual growth. Bringing an abundance of all things. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

First Quarter Moon: 11 November 10:46 pm

November Full Moon Astrology 2021

The November full moon sits in the star sign constellation of Taurus the bull at 27° on the 19th/20th of November. The November full moon 2021 is a partial Lunar Eclipse. Hang on to your horns, prepare for a rollercoaster ride. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are most affected.

The partial lunar eclipse allows us to see our shadow selves. The side of us we keep secret and hidden, sometimes even from ourselves. Bringing multiple opportunities for reflection, openness and self-honesty. The heart chakra is opened with this energy further enabling contemplation.

This full moon partial lunar eclipse allows us to see our strengths and our weaknesses. And how we may go about strengthening our weaknesses and capitalizing on our strengths. We all have a dark side. A part of us that hurts. Something that just doesn’t sit right with us. The key is to bring light to the shadows. Bring to the surface that part of us that hurts for healing. For there is no better healer than ourselves. © Ian Scott – Further reading Lunar Eclipse Energy Spell

Last Quarter Moon: 27 November 10:28 pm

New Moon Astrology 2021 December

The New Moon this month sits in the star sign of Sagittarius at 12° on the 4th of December 2021. There are many aspects affecting the new moon but none are as strong as the total Solar Eclipse. This aspect doubles in trouble with the new moon quincunx Uranus.

The energies from the just gone full moon partial lunar eclipse are still having an effect on us. And will continue until this dark moon enlightens us once again with a solar eclipse. Challenging emotional times with friends and loved ones prevail over the next coming weeks.

New Moon December Spiritual Meaning

When things become heavy and toxic around us. Not only do we naturally take on this energy, but we succumb to it. It is a sign that we have allowed things in our life to get out of hand. Usually through non-action. The old saying, “The longer you leave things the worse they get” sums up the energy of the new moon.

The solar eclipse releases our denials right in front of us to see. Allowing us to view objectively that which we deny ourselves. Denial itself is a dark dangerous cave that only leads to more darkness. Do the right thing by yourself, see clearly now, what you have not allowed yourself to see before. Take care of things you know you can, and let go of the ones which are beyond your control. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

First Quarter Moon:11 December 11:35 am

full moon december astrology 2021
full moon December astrology 2021

Full Moon December Astrology 2021

The Full Moon this month sits in the star sign of Gemini at 27° on the 18th/19th of December 2021. The last full moon of the year tantalizes us with transmogrification of the inner spirit. Full moon trine Jupiter fills our aura energy with a can-do attitude. A refreshed vital physical life force enhancement. We can ride this energy right into the new year.

Full Moon December Spiritual Meaning 2021

Full moon quincunx Venus offers up opportunities to understand what it is you truly want from life. A little glimpse into how you would feel if your life was in balance. Work, play and relationships of all kinds. If there are any imbalances in these areas, this full moon is sure to shine a light on them.

Think of this full moon like this. Picture yourself lined up for a running race. You’ve got your best fitness wear on and you’re fired up ready to go. But! your focus is a little wayward and you miss the start with a fumble.

Take the time to meditate and reflect on how you’re going to react when it comes time to make a move. Give yourself a chance at the starting gate and clear your mind and heal your wounds by completely being honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself brings honesty and earnestness to you. In turn, this December full moon gives straight back by blasting its light right at you. Opening your soul to enlightenment. Copyright 2021 Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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