Moon Dates 2018


Moon Dates 2018 AEST. A list of the new and full moon phases complete with assigned star signs. Spiritual astrological and metaphysical meanings. Extra information and interpretation on full moons for each month of the year. See attached links.

Moon Dates 2018 Australia

January Moon Dates 2018

2-Jan-18 Full Moon 11° Cancer  “Love & Romance”

17-January-2018 New Moon 26° Capricorn “Care & Attention”

February Moon Dates

1-February-2018 Full Moon 11 Leo° Lunar Eclipse “Synchronicity”

16-February-2018 New Moon 27° Aquarius Eclipse “Devotion”

March Moon Phases 2018

2-March-2018 Full Moon 11 Virgo “Revelations”

18-March-2018 New Moon 26 Pisces “Mystery”

As the March New Moon officially kickstarts so begins the ambitious but somewhat hesitant energy, where only hard work and maximum effort will reap results.  Setbacks?  Defeat?  No problem.  In fact, bring ‘em on…  accept these outward “failures” gracefully, since it is the quality of will and inner integrity that will be tested this year.

Rise above the restrictions of the outer realm… and embrace the beautiful and the noble spirit within.  Above all, remember that it is our own free will that can turn a saint into a sinner or a sinner into a saint.  So choose wisely my friend for you will definitely reap what it is that you sow.

31-March-2018 Full Moon 10 Libra “Concealment”

April Moon Dates

16-April-2018 New Moon 26° Aries “Content”

April New Moon a bit tricky at times and bring something in that is totally unexpected. He asks us to think beyond the square.

30-April-2018 Full Moon 9° Scorpio “Muster”

May Moon Phases

15-May-2018 New Moon 24° Taurus “Surreal”

May New Moon has the ability to reveal the truth of a situation – and as she visits Taurus, which rules structure and institutions – she is ensuring that the very foundations and structure of our society is under his scrutiny.

30-May-2018 Full Moon 8° Sagittarius “Intent”

June Moon Dates & Phases

14-June-2018 New Moon 22° Gemini “Manifest”

June New Moon 2018 will be provocative and impatient and sometimes in your face. This month the new moon asks us to have a good look at the past before we take action. Uranus and yourself are the Gods of Change.

This June new moon is showing to be a feisty one with the embers of a great fire brewing. Take this opportunity to hone in on extreme focus to achieve. By the full moon proof, your actions have worked. Watch aggression from others in this June new moon period.

28-June-2018 Full Moon 6° Capricorn “Endeavor”

July Moon Dates 2018


July New Moon. Sitting in Cancer – the house of family and tribe – he is protecting his children and making sure we unite as one big family to carry out what destiny has in store for us all. The tension we have all felt this month is heralding in a new era, and it takes awareness and vigilance to know when and how to play our individual part, but remember – it is the sum of the parts that make it greater than the whole.

Make this new moon July 2018 a great one by following your own spiritual principles. Back yourself to succeed with honour and trust. The perfect time for a manifestation of a blissful organization of one’s life. © Ian Scott

28-July-18 Full Moon 4° Aquarius Eclipse “Breaking Free”

August 2018 Moon Dates & Phases

11-August-2018 New Moon 18° Leo Eclipse “Salvation”

The August new moon is triggering unexpected events of a surprising nature – but most of all freedom at any cost. With this volatile energy, this is not the time to push issues.

26-August-2018 Full Moon 3° Pisces “Inner Control”

September Moon Dates & Phases 2018

10-September-2018 New Moon 17° Virgo “Ambition”

In the September new moon look for major news in the world of a surprising and unexpected nature. This month’s new moon is all about rebellion and freedom at any cost. Separating oneself from the things that have unduly tied us down.

25-September-2018 Full Moon 2° Aries “Maverick”

October Moon Dates & Phases 2018

9-October-2018 New Moon 15° Libra “Peace”

This October New Moon is about giving us all a focus on friends and groups of like-minded people.  Be careful to remain objective as this energy can be a little restless. Others want to share their deepest feelings with you.

25-October-2018 Full Moon 1° Taurus “Long Divide”

November Moon Dates & Phases 2018

8-November-2018 New Moon 15° Scorpio “Absolute”

The November New Moon offers a union of soul and mind so stay with your intuition and let it keep you in the right place and the right time.

23-November2018 Full Moon 0° Gemini “Imagine”

December Moon Dates & Phases 2018

7-December-2018 New Moon 15° Sagittarius “Belief”

A rather peculiar December New Moon as we are likely to feel extremely irritable and itchy without quite knowing why. Step aside from any feelings of insecurity and negative self-worth issues.

23-December-2018 Full Moon 0° Cancer “Conjour”


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