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Need For Meditation

Need For Meditation. The media and marketing madness, its presence
in our lives and how it is stopping us from becoming spiritually aware and evolving.

need for meditation

“If you have no time to think your mind is ours”

The Need For Meditation

Between working (focusing on someone else’s dream), children, and playing your favorite video game or watching the latest release movies where is the time to connect to your own soul? The true self and the power of enlightenment, we seem to have no time for.

The money-conscious greedy wealth has driven want to sell more make more profit be in our lives 24/7 ready to, you guessed it! sell you more meaningless material objects that you most likely do not need. We need to remember that this spending and buying spree is the end result of a marketing program. The final click, sold, got you, moment. The marketing giants have reached your subconscious months ago before you press purchase.

Through television, video games the internet and advertising placed everywhere you look. Raising emotions on wanting and having. All these things including the work you do for others to make them money, all contribute to taking all of your time away from you. Finished work and looking forward to turning on the television or playing your favorite game?

The Need For Meditation

Where is the time to reflect to meditate to gain control of your thoughts to become the master of your own mind? To stay happy comfortable enlightened human beings we need, this time, it is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. Contemplate in silence the life before you and what you’re really wanting or what truly bothers you. Without this time to meditate and reflect we lose who we really are, we become a shadow of ourselves.

Feeling tired mind exhausted and no physical energy or will to explore the life around you, consider yourself hypnotized to the modern beat of consumerism. Our minds are capable of so much more than what we do or give it credit for.

But if no time is spent developing and spiritually growing the world stays the same as it is now (unhappy destructive and consumer-driven) and has been for a very long time, and so do you. There is the world out there beyond the ones made in other people’s minds with games, movies, and tv shows. Your mind belongs to all time-consuming entertainment.

The Need To Self-Reflect

Free yourself from the chains which bind you, release yourself from the burden of believing money answers all things, return to your spiritual roots. Meditate instead of turning on the television connected to your heart. Enjoy the power of the sun with your children bathe in the earth’s healing waters with them. Live in the world which is yours and unexplored to a great degree.

Feeling spiritual energy coming to you in all directions accompanied by all the love you can feel is the most amazing experience. And one money cannot buy. Spiritual enlightenment energy has no equal no drug nor material object even comes close to how one feels when they’re connected to the universal flow of energies.

Step away from the things which have no purpose in your life, only give time to things which are for your highest good. All that we ever want is found here in the contemplation and connection of the soul to the universe and the earth we live in. Put your phone down, turn it off, and become alive in the world. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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