Metaphysical Glossary Of Terms

Metaphysical Glossary
Metaphysical Glossary

A glossary helps your audience understand technical terms, acronyms and abbreviations they may not be familiar with. Also acting as a reference guide for those who wish to study the metaphysical arts.

Metaphysical Glossary Of Terms

Aeromancy:  The reading and psychic interpretation, and divination of weather patterns. Natural ocean and land events and earth disturbances.

Animal Spirit Guides: Animal spirits fall into a number of categories, they could be your passed-over pets or horses you used to feed across the road. The spiritual essence of each animal has its own collective, for instance, the owl in spirit knows all other owls.

Apantomancy: Psychic interpretation of objects or beings encountered in a “chance meeting” or finding, for instance, a black cat crossing your path or finding something on the ground which contains a symbol or sign.

Austromancy: reading the signs and symbols through the movement of the wind.

Arachnomancy: Psychic interpretation and divination by observing the behaviour of spiders.

Astrology: The divination and interpretation of the positions of the planets and the sun and moon.

Aura:  We’re made up of three definable parts, the mind (our processor), body (our case or vehicle), and soul. Our soul is our hard drive containing all there is about us, our own snowflake, our own unique identity, separate, personal yet infused with the universe as a whole.

Automatic Writing: Written communication through the hands with a spiritual guide by a person in a trance or semi-conscious state. Enabling the practitioner to channel important information about the future.


Bagua: The Ba Gua mirror (pronounced ‘bah-gwa’) meaning can be complex or simple depending upon one’s depth of intention. It has been used in feng shui as a cure-all for all sorts of negative energy remedies. Including poison arrows (Sha Chi) easing electrical interference, and protection for the deceased in cemeteries and places of worship to name a few.

Brontoscopy: The art of listening to and psychically interpreting the sound of thunder for divination purposes. Practitioners also wish to tune into the God of Thunder Thor.

Body: Reading the signs and symbols of the body and what it is telling you on a metaphysical level.


Chaomancy: Intuitional divination on the sighting of comets.

Ceraunoscopy: Psychic interpretation through studying the patterns of thunder and lightning.

Cartomancy: Divination and intuitional interpretation of the simple deck of playing cards, Using the Kings and Queens etc to represent people in one’s psychic reading.

Chakra: The word chakra is Sanskrit and translates to wheel or cycle. The chakras are energy points openings or gateways to our soul or spirit. Like a wheel, they turn. A healthy well-balanced mind body soul is only achievable through having all 7 major chakras open and turning.

Clairvoyance:  or “second sight”, the ability to interpret or foretell unseen as yet events in history. Seeing with the psychic eyes visions of clairvoyance.

Crystals: Crystals list the power of crystals and semi-precious gemstones that have embedded in them all the miraculous healing energy of planet Earth.

Cybermancy: The psychic visions and interpretations of observing computers and computer technology. Intuitional sensing of what and where to find answers.


Dendromancy: Psychic interpretation and divination using either the sacred oak tree or mistletoe. Observing the fall of oak leaves dropped from hand onto the ground. And reading the landing positions with the client as a central position.

Divining: Divining or dowsing is the ancient indigenous art of using rods made of metal or wood to find the location of underground streams and channels of water. Used still today by Australian farmers.

Druid: A Druid was a member of the high-ranking professional class in ancient Celtic cultures. Perhaps best remembered as religious leaders


Enlightenment: To be awakened to the spiritual and the esoteric of life. Being able to see the metaphysical in all things.

Exorcism: The art of removing demons who possess the living. And other bestial spirit beings from a person or animal.


Fractomancy: Psychic interpretation and divination through observing the structure of fractal patterns found in the sand and earth and or man-made structures.


Geomancy: Divination by interpreting the ley lines of the earth. Following them living in them places objects of importance within the geometric flow. And studying the earth’s changes through the energy lines of the planet.

Gyromancy: The ancient art of walking or twirling around a circle inscribed with letters until dizzy and, utilizing the letters where the person falls to spell out a prophecy or spirit message similar to an Ouija board.


Healing: An ancient art of healing others through internal energy drawn from the universe. Often referred to as vital life energy or chi.

Herbal Medicine: A wonderful journey into herbalism and shamanism to create a natural healing experience. Whether it’s through food or ingestion or touch the plants of the Earth look after us. If we only let them.

Hippomancy: Divination using the intuition of psychically interpreting the behaviour of horses.


Iridology: Iridology is a long-practised psychic art form going back thousands of years. The practice comes with charts and interpretations and is now considered a “science”.


Juju: A bestial energy that seems to follow a person either through past trauma or a curse or hex placed upon the person.


Karma: Karma is the cycle of cause and effect. Karma is the sum of all that an individual has done and is currently doing. The effects of those deeds actively create present and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life.

Kabbalah: The Kabbalah is steeped in Jewish mysticism and history. The word Kabbalah simply means “receiving”. The Kabbalah is a method and ritual for interpreting hidden and secret messages.


Lithomancy: Metaphysical interpretation of crystals or semi-precious stones, by casting them and interpreting their placement as they fall. And divination by studying the composition and colour of the stones.


Metaphysical: Meta (Greek) means “after” or “beyond”) it is a prefix meaning more comprehensive or transcending. Metaphysical = beyond the physical, that which we cannot see. But all knowingly feel its existence.

Metacommunication: A communication method; which is unknown generally and, intrinsically beyond; all those known to have existed and/or, having been operated and/or utilized by humans. = “Meta-communication”.

A yet-to-be-accepted, entirely new and old form of Universal communication. Where the psychic interprets other languages into his own. And can understand languages he has never heard of nor knows anything about.

Meditation: The ancient art of finding inner peace through relaxation and contemplation. Meditation practices lead us to enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Mediumship: When a trance medium is in a session he or she is channelling from the universal collective, therefore being able to connect with planetary and universal souls to bring in knowledge for the benefit of the people in session with the medium.

Mind: Mind reading is a heightened super sensitive telepathy used by empaths and psychics all over the world. Telepathic vibrations are sent out each and every time we have thought.

Meteormancy: Psychic interpretation through observing shooting stars.


New Age: A movement of the late twentieth century an individual eclectic approach to spiritual development. Example of new age music.

Necromancy: Necromancy is not only communication with the dead but being able as a master shaman to bring the dead into the physical plane. Where all can see and communicate with them.

Numerology: Numbers and words carry their own vibration which of course can be read. Our date of birth is our destiny number our vibration created when we were born and ingrained into the fabric of the universe at the time of arrival on the planet.

Nephomancy: Interpretation of movement and colour of the clouds.


Ogham: There are 20 trees in this ancient Ogham alphabet and each tree has a letter, bird, colour, meaning, and divination interpretation associated with it.

Oneiromancy: Psychic prediction or divination through the interpretation of dreams either by the self or others.

Om: Om is the sound of nature often used in meditation practices.

Oracle: Making contact with spirits or gods to receive messages about the past present or future. An oracle is also used for spiritual development. 10 free online oracles >

Ornithomancy: Divination through the interpretation of the behaviour, flight, and song of birds.

Ouija:  Simply means yes yes board. An Ouija Board is printed with the alphabet and numbers and uses a planchette in a spiritual circle to receive messages from spirit.


Palmistry: The art of reading the lines of one’s palms. Predicting the past present and future as well as the health of the client.

Phrenology: is a pseudoscience that involves measurements of the skull and bumps on the head. An ancient form of psychic reading involves placing the hands on the head and reading the vibrations of the client.

Pranic healing: Pranic healing is a simple yet effective system founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. Master Choa dedicated his life to developing this system and for 20 years, he had travelled the world and directly instructed young generations of future prana healers

Premonition: A warning of a future event, typically an accident or disaster.

Psychometry: Psychometry belongs to the category of extrasensory perception or ESP. Psychometry is also known as post-cognition or object reading, it is the art of sensing vibrations left behind by the owner of an object or by significant emotional events to which the object has been a witness.


Quotes: Spiritual quotes serve to inspire the reader to action through spiritualism.

Quantum Physics: Quantum physics govern the way the universe behaves at the level of atoms, electrons and protons.


Reiki: The literal translation of the word Reiki can be broken down as follows: Redescribes the universal and limitless aspect of the energy and Ki is the vital life force.

Remote viewing: Remote viewing or telesthesia. The term remote viewing was popularized by Stanford Research Institute which conducted experiments and studies. And was later used by governments for over 20 years for the army and defence intelligence agencies. The word telesthesia is from the late 19th century from tele – + Greek aisthēsis ‘perception’.

Runes: The meaning of the word rune or Runa translates to a secret whisper, the mystery. The translation alone tells us why the rune stone meanings were never recorded, knowledge of runes was passed on by word of mouth.


Sentient: To sense or feel. Acutely sensitive perception, consciously self-aware.

Sigil: Sigil magic is a magician’s seal, a symbolic manifestation of the intent of the magician to cast out his intent to the world through magical scribings.

Spirit Guides: spirit guides come in many forms, depending on the life path you have chosen before coming to Earth and how quickly you wish to grow, as a spiritual being. Spirit guides or guardian angels maybe you passed over relatives.

Such as a Great Grandmother or Grandfather or a spirit being that has transcended life on schoolhouse earth or both. Or in some instances, animal spirit guides may show the way.

Soul Retrieval: Soul Retrieval Means a soul in pieces needs putting back together, travelling into our dark spaces and wounds of the body and heart we recapture ourselves.

Spiritual Awakening: Psychic and self-awareness of growing spiritually towards higher consciousness. Gaining enlightenment.

Spiritual energy healing: Spiritual Energy Healing is achieved in many ways with many different faiths, beliefs, and techniques. This form of energy transference is accomplished the same way we would treat a person with either Reiki or energy medicine healing.

Scrying: Scrying is known also as crystal ball gazing, where visions of present or future events are revealed. Scrying may be used for divination purposes for a single client reading or a whole town’s future.


Telepathy: By expanding your spiritual awareness into all of your senses you will automatically increase your intuition because you will be living more in the present moment with your mind enrolled in expansion and receptivity. It’s a way of living your life from one second to the next. But you have to do the work. Listen to what people say and really hear them.

Trackers: A psychic tracker is a lone wolf trained in the ancient magickal arts. A person is hired by governments and various other security companies to look for known people in disguise and or security incidents before they happen.

Transference Healing: Energy Transference Healing through cooking food for yourself and for others, healing from the inside out with love and psychic energy.



Voodoo: evolved across the centuries; has variations from tribe to tribe; and as “folkway” is the essential nature of Voodoo, it could not be destroyed by white people who enslaved West Africans in the New World.


Wicca: Using the natural laws of metaphysical magic for love and healing and how to work with them. A Wicca and Druid perspective.

White Light Healing: Healing yourself and others through the power of white light or angel light.



Yes No Oracle: Yes No Oracle. Used for thousands of years in many different forms. This random card generator may help with decisions about your love life or career.

Yin Yang: Yin Yang means These two dots hold the secret to the yin-yang principle of spiritual alignment. The white space is extreme as is the black space.


Zener cards: Zener cards are a set of 25 cards with five basic symbols repeated five times a circle, a star, a square, a set of wavy lines, and across. The Zener cards were designed and created by psychologist Dr Karl Zener in the early 1930s.

Zoomancy: Divination through the psychic interpretation of the appearance and behaviour of animals. Such as spirit animals

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