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Global Meditation For World Peace

A spiritual written global meditation on unity, world peace and
togetherness by druid priestess and Astrologer Jyoti Eagles.

global meditation

Global Meditation Peace And Healing The Planet

It has been scientifically proven that whenever a group of people meditate for world peace and healing together the human consciousness becomes one golden light of peace that can harness the power of the collective intention ( in this instance world peace and healing the planet ), and influence the vibration of the ethers.  It also increases our connectivity to each other and our own inner peace.

Most of us feel frustrated and inadequate to do anything about the current state of the world, but there is a way we can contribute – and that is to meditate each day to create inner peace, which will create a super collective radiance which will spread and surround our planet. Meditation improves our mental abilities, eliminates stress and creates unshakable and lasting peace of mind and a greater spiritual connection.

Sitting comfortably with your back straight, recite The Druids Prayer.

“Deep within the centre of my being may I find peace.
Silently, within the centre of the grove, may I share peace
Calmly, within the greater circle of mankind may I radiate peace.”

Global Meditation Oneness

Close your eyes and consciously leave your daily worries behind you. Take 9 deep breaths, breathing in light and out all that unwanted negativity. With each breath, you are feeling more and more relaxed and sinking deeper and deeper into your centre.

If you have not already created an inner sanctuary where you go to be at peace in your inner world, imagine a grove, surrounded by trees and nature, with the sky above and the earth below. Mentally visualise this place in detail so that is imprinted clearly on your mind and know that you can always be at peace here and come back whenever you want.

Take your time. Feel father sky above you sending its radiance into your Pineal and down your spinal column to the earth.  Now feel the energy of mother earth filling your body with everything you need to feel at peace and to heal. Say to yourself. “Above me sky, beneath me earth, within my love, around my life.” Take your time to really feel this.

Starting with your toes, imagine them filling with light – radiating with light – as you relax more and more deeply with every breath.  Continue this light exercise, moving the light up to your ankles, your knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck and head, until this light completely fills your whole body and aura and you are a glowing ball of light. With your awareness in your heart centre, on each out-breath intentionally send this light and peace gathered in your global love meditation to encompass the whole planet. Feel the compassion in your heart and the interconnectedness of all sentient beings.

Spread this love and light for as long as you like – consciously bringing the mind back to focusing on peace and light whenever it wanders off. If you like you can write any inspirations into your journal, or in our comment section to share with others. Blessed be. © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles