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Numerology Love Test

Numerology love test. the word love holds its own special vibration.
Find out your love vibration number and how to find a love match.

Numerology Love Test
Love Test

Numerology Love By Numbers

Numbers, words, months, days and dates all have importance to us, we use them every day. Therefore behold the creation of energy, energy made a part of the matrix of the universe simply by us utilizing them on such a regular basis for such a long time.

That’s how numbers and words carry their own vibration which of course can be read. Our date of birth is our destiny number our vibration created when we were born and ingrained into the fabric of the universe as the time of arrival on the planet.

Love And Numerology

The word love holds its own special vibration as do all words and names. After I have a little play with the numerology of the word love, you can then work out your karma connected to love this life.

All the relationships you have in this life will reflect this vibrational number. If we know how we personally connect with the vibration of love, we can then understand how to better get the most out of it. This is not, love compatibility with a partner, this is how we react to love when we find it. A good measure when dating especially on Valentine’s day.

Numerology Love Numbers

Numerology for the word love = L = 3 + O = 6 + V = 4 + E = 5 = 18 – 9.
The vibrational number for love is eighteen / nine. Love potion number nine.

L is for love, lust, longevity, language, languish, lascivious, late, laudable. O is for Ooh, once upon a time, only hope, opportunistic, opposite, oppressed. V is victory, vaunt, vaudeville. E is for escalate, escort, esoteric, spying, erotic. Nine being the last number in numerology before we go back to the number one signifies endings and beginnings. Relationships, friendships, partnerships relations of all kinds teach us unconditional love or should. Endings and beginnings are all very natural in the vibration of love.

This really means growth, growth in the soul, but also growth in the relationship if two people are spiritually growing together then you have a relationship. If there are no endings and beginnings of love, laughter, pain, and gain then there will be no relationship. The number nine is a powerful vibration in numerology affecting all it touches, the same goes for love.

Numerology Love Test

Find your own personal vibration to the energy of love.

Add your love numerology date of birth to the number nine
to find your karmic vibration for love.

Example –  Jack – 21 – 8 – 1982 = 2+1+8+1+9+8+2 = 31 / 4.
D.O.B = 4 Love = 9. 4+9 = 13/4.
Jack’s love karma number is four. Jack would consult the love karma number 4.

Love Numerology Numbers

OneLove numerology for Number 1, they are prone to unknowing selfishness and need to grasp the concept of a couple means two. A domineering nature that tends to take control of the relationship usually ending in resentment. On a positive note if the number one has a spiritual outlook and is willing to look at themselves unity becomes strong and flexible.

Two Love numerology for number 2 is often about love relationships often beginning a relationship before the old relationship is completely over. They adore the idea of marriage but become bewildered once they realize true love does not come easily. The number two has the hardest lesson of all, to stay independent whilst maintaining falling in love.

Three – The love numerology for number 3 is adventurous in love looking for the excitement, often forgetting the fun is just in being with each other. The 3’s are moody in love and feel rejection painfully. They find it hard to settle down, but once they find their true love it’s forever.

FourLove numerology for Number 4 is about working hard at keeping a balance within a relationship and will always think of other’s needs as well as their own. Finding the right partner comes easily to a number 4 and often have long-lasting relationships. There is a tendency to over-involve themselves in their work-life leading to work home imbalance.

FiveLove Numerology for number 5, they enjoy their freedom and are hard to pin down into a relationship unless of course, it is with their friends. They hold a small part of karma from each number and is truly a difficult vibration to have as a love karma number. They do surprise, though, overcoming diversity and previously doomed relationships to bounce back on top with a new love of their life.

Six Love numerology for number 6, they are passionate and romantic in love looking for that special connection rather than just a business deal type relationship. Six has a good chance of meeting their soul mate this lifetime around. Number 6’s can be incredibly compassionate and make great parents and friends.

Seven – The love numerology number 7 is the loving healer a special vibration the type of lover that means to the very end. 7 also makes wonderful parents and friends with empathy and compassion. As long as the number 7 person gives him or herself time to ponder and absorb romantic feelings, love will be found and or maintained.

Eight – The love numerology for number 8 holds the vibration of longevity and everlasting love. They make great business and love partners, one of the few numbers that can work and live with their partners. Number 8’s usually have big families and a lot of family pride to go with it.

NineLove numerology for number 9, here it is the zenith of love numbers, love potion number nine. Number nine’s are dreamy lovers drifting into the love abyss with the love of their life. Love is the main life goal of number nine and is certain to find true love. Number 9’s are sexy, erotic and a little out there but calm down once they are in a real relationship.

Love is beautiful, love is everywhere and we all react differently when we find it, some of us feel inadequate, some of us go a little crazy whatever the reaction, this is good though least you know it’s love. These are your personal love karma numbers. To find the vibration of love between two people, head to our numerology page. ©  by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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