Lightworker Update 2019

Lightworker update 2019. To the healers, the lovers, the earth protectors,
the psychic ones. The calling of the lightworkers has never been so strong.

lightworker update 2019

Lightworker Update 2019

Have you heard the ancient call of spirit to bring balance to the land? Becoming a spiritual healer and or peace giver in our times is one of the most important tasks set forward from the archangels. Have you stopped your regular job for the work of the carer, healer and psychic warrior?

As violence and extremism ripen in the hearts of those who are weak. They, rise in fear to attack what is essentially light. Those who have rotted to the point of hate in the hearts spread hate like a disease. And see no other image. Like a nail left in the rain, ever so slowly rust erodes its surface, eventually reaching its core. Only to leave corrosive dust where there was once life and shine.

To the sensitives, the empaths, the lightworkers, this energy is harmful. Causing spiritual sickness. Unless turned around and made use of. When the hate and evil are in your face constantly it becomes difficult not to give in to the fear. As lightworkers, it is our very challenge to become stronger each and every time we feel suppressed and depressed. We must not under any circumstances lose our faith in ourselves as gods and angels who walk the earth. For it is us, the conscious ones who awake those still sleeping.

The time of 2019 and the cataclysmic energy rushing towards earth from other galaxies bring forth a need for all lightworkers to also become spiritual warriors. To find the strength of many tigers and a thousand butterflies to reach the poisoned hearts of man.

Rise Of The Lightworkers

Finding this energy to rise like the Pheonix though is not so easy. Most lightworkers I see today are tired and burned out. Channeling their energy from their very soul rather than the cosmic energies which surround them. This leads to soul decay and mental and physical illness. And most importantly it leads to a place where the healer is no longer able to hold their protection. Allowing not so nice spirits to enter.

We must find a way to overcome the crippling emotional energy that reaches the entire world. And felt within the souls of all people whos feet walk the earth. As a collective consciousness, it is possible to get everybody working on the same page, It just takes a conscious shift from hate to love. If you can learn to hate you can also learn to love. This is the message all lightworkers need to send, one of love to those who hate. It is through this practice that brings vital energy to the lightworker so he or she may continue their work.

We are still in the time of 444 and the gathering has not yet slowed down. The richest and most powerful way to combat such negative destructive energy is to gather in like-minded groups. Building and sending love out to the world, by the psychics, the healers, the enlightened ones, creates a storm. The clouds of love and peace will rain down on all countries changing minds for the better. As channeled by © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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