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Light Worker Update

Light Worker Update spiritual meaning behind the shift of energies during the
999 open Vortex 2019. How to combat and relate to unusual energy patterns.

star seed update 2016
Open Vortex Shift Of Energies 999

Light Worker Update Vortex 999

We’ve passed the heart its ok hold on to your strength only a week to go! Open Vortex. At the moment it may not feel like the empowering energy reaching us from far away places, but there is a reason for that. Once constructed the vortex is there to stay.

The energy during the first two triggers followed by a full moon has put extra pressure on the star seeds of the planet. That’s those of us who are highly sensitive intuitive beings recognizing the universal shifts of energy and power. During this time of the butterfly children, All lightworkers are receiving downloads of information and skills necessary for the future. While this is taking place the body will feel tired, the mind will feel a little like dough and energy levels hit rock bottom.

Light Workers Message

The reason for this is 99% of downloads are completed in the astral world meaning we need to be asleep for this to happen. And as you know the more we sleep the sleepier we become. In the astral world speaking to and observing the shift of the vortex allows us to have a clear fast but gigantic download of information over a very short period of time.

Hence at the moment most of the information is in the sub-conscious and may not rise to the surface for months. But know it is there and will come forth at the most appropriate time in the near future. An advancement of telepathic energy and psychic flow usually follow such a soul-changing the inspiring experience.

Through meditation, we are able to enhance our experience of the vortex downloads by placing ourselves in the state needed to receive telepathic information and code. Sleep rest and be ready for the exact opposite of energy to begin around the 27th of September 2019. A heightened empowering inspirational energy with which to work with over toppling the darker energy.© by psychic medium Ian Scott

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