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Psychic Children A Ghost Story

A look into the intuition of Children. Australian Ghost story real,
psychic children and the ways to listen and talk to them.

Psychic children
Psychic Children

The Paranormal Psychic Children

It was a dark and stormy night, the rain was lashing at the windows. I was sitting on the couch watching a scary movie with my husband when my daughter, Willow, who was four at the time, came running out in tears crying about a ghost in her room. Hang on a minute…… that’s not right. This isn’t a cliché holly wood movie, it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t at night. It was morning, at my mother-in-law’s two-story townhouse. We were having brunch.

Willow came into the kitchen, all child-like innocence, not crying or even slightly upset.  She asked me who the woman upstairs was. Slightly puzzled, I did a headcount and everyone who was supposed to be there was at the table. I enquired further and Willow explained that there is a woman at the top of the stairs crying because her heart hurts. The woman had waist-length hair and was wearing a white gown.  Willow was very concerned because she felt we should take the woman to the hospital, she was hurting and needed our help.

With the quiet calmness of a mother not wanting to scare the sweetness out of her daughter, I walked with Willow to the top of the stairs, we searched all the rooms and the outside balcony, but alas, there was no woman to be found. We didn’t make a big deal about it or tell Willow that it wasn’t real.  I firmly believe that children can see spirits that, as adults, we cannot.  Life has not taken the wonder away from them yet.

A few weeks passed and nothing more was thought of it.  The owner of the house came to visit my mother-in-law and, not wanting to upset him, asked normal, everyday questions like why he chose to move out and rent the houseAs it turned out, his mother lived there with him. 

She was very ill and uses a wheelchair on the ground floor.  She had long black hair that he brushed daily for her and would only wear her white hospital gown because she didn’t want to get her good clothes dirty if she had an accident.  Her only wish was to be able to go to the second floor and sit on the balcony.  When her time was nearing, her son carried her to a chair on the balcony.  An hour later she passed due to a heart attack.

At first, I was unsure whether to tell Willow, I didn’t want to upset or scare her.  But, with the intuitiveness and innocence of a child, she asked me the next day about the woman in white.  I sat down and explained what happened and then Willow took my breath away. “It’s OK Mum, she isn’t upset anymore, she wants everyone to know she is finally on the second floor and she is happy.” © Angela Soya

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