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Real Ghost Story To See Or Not To See

A real ghost story. The Paranormal and supernatural. A real Australian
ghost story see me or not see me. by Ange, Marxsen Thrive On News.

Real Ghost Story

Real Ghost Story

I have always had a fascination for the supernatural, growing up with a psychic mother and living in a house that has ghostly visitors, I guess only fueled my interest. I often found myself awake in the dead of night to hear shuffling footsteps.

Every now and then curiosity would get the better of me, rising to check that everyone was sleeping. That was not difficult in a house full of serial snores, the sleeping sounds echoing down the long hallway leaving me to wonder if it was just my young imagination hearing the footsteps.

On this certain night though I was a little more determined. I was about 16 years of age and I awoke to hear the footsteps shuffling up and down the hallway.  The house fell quiet as I went to investigate.

The volume of sound seemed to heighten, I could feel my feet hit the floor with what sounded like a thud. The snoring from the adjacent room was really loud. I was particularly determined to see the apparition that has been creeping up to the bedroom door and opening it and closing it in an attempt not to make a sound.

I started down the long hallway, all the hairs on my arms and legs stood up. Feeling a presence walking behind me, I turned around expecting to see something, but find myself staring into the dark. Feeling a little frustrated I decided to get a little bolder.

As I sat on the living room floor, I remember having the fleeting intuition that this was not a good idea. I disregarded that thought and closed my eyes taking a moment to centre myself, feeling my heartbeats slowly return to normal.

I honestly did not know what I was doing, but none the less I placed my hands on the cold floor in front of me and said: “Show me what I cannot see”. At that moment I felt a rush of energy and the room spun around in front of my eyes.

Realizing I had just jumped in way over my head, I removed my hands from the floor, closed my eyes, and surrounded myself with white light. When I opened my eyes again everything was back to normal.

After a few minutes of calming down and a thorough look around I returned to my bed knowing that there’s a lot more going on than my eyes can see. Maybe, for now, it was better that way. The footsteps returned as I drifted off to sleep, I guess I found it comforting in the end. – © Ange Marxsen

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