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Ghost Story Goose Bumps

Ghost Story Goose Bumps. Australian Ghost stories are real, a personal
account of one frightful and disturbing night. A spooky quest.

Ghost Story Goose Bumps
A Oz Ghost Story

Ghost Story Goose Bumps

I remember it clearly, the first time I thought about spirituality seriously. That whole day was off, but the evening settled steadily, leaving me to scoff at my earlier sentiments. Out of nowhere, the night turned cold, the chill within the blowing winds leaving goosebumps on my skin.

I was 10 years old and dinner had finished, as I was helping with the dishes I heard the phone ringing, then some commotion. I tried to listen when suddenly my mother came in, saying she needed to leave, urgent it seemed.

Grabbing some things including my baby brother and sister. The middle sibling, my sister, and I got asked to stay calm and wait and that her return would be with haste. Our oldest brother was due to be home any moment but the importance of that phone call meant someone had to stay. Comforted by words of grace, thinking things would be, should be, why wouldn’t they be, OK.

Farewells were said, the car left and silence fell, walking from the driveway, hesitating to go inside. Suddenly I remembered my little sister was by my side crazy thoughts of anxiety were instantly dismissed. I had a sense of responsibility a pride that was missing earlier that night, my senses snapped back and felt ready for anything. Anything is an understatement as I hadn’t thought beyond the possibility of my sister misbehaving.

Quietly watching a video, Hans Christiansen’s Thumbelina I believe, some moments went by and my sister was getting drowsy, sleepy. We were on the couch, her laying down, me sitting up. Dozing off for but a second she woke with a fright.

She seemed startled and confused so I asked if she was alright, in a soft voice she said she had a dream she didn’t like. Rising to her feet she proclaimed she had to pee. I paused the movie, knowing she would return wanting to watch. I could hear her step down the hall and heard the door close shut.

As it did it seemed the whole world had been closed off, suddenly things seemed hazy and like I was completely alone. I shuffled and tried to shake it off, closed my eyes, cleared my head, and opened them. It was darker than before, I couldn’t see as well my heart started racing I was afraid to move. It felt like hours had passed so I began to relax, I stood up and a breeze blew in, the wind made a sound I was sure of it.

I stopped dead in my tracks and listened really well, I could hear something, something in the wind, the air changed it softened a bit. A whisper in the distance, I froze, the body still, stuck in a pose but my thoughts were racing, skipping, jumping, oh it was a mess in there.

Then I heard it again, it was either getting louder or closer but either way, I had to calm myself before I had a heart attack, which at this point seemed highly possible. As my heart slowed down it came again but it was audible, it was my name. “Weeeennnnndddeee”.

It got louder I got scared but at the same time in the back of my mind I recognized the voice, something was telling me I know that woman. My mind took over connecting things I would not have done on my own, the voice was a family member. “Weeeeennnndeeeeee”, again, louder.

From my mother’s side. “Weeeeennnddeeeeee”, clearer. My mother’s side. “Weeeeennnd”, I ran. I ran towards the hallway, going to where my sister was. Then I heard another voice call out my name, it made me stop. I closed my eyes, overwhelmed by all the feelings and thoughts inside.

Opened them once again, getting nauseous by now but things looked a little clearer, then a voice screamed out my name. It startled me but this time I recognized the tone and all of a sudden there was light again, it was my sister. She was calling out to me in frustration, so she said when I got there because she’d called once before. Her face was pale though so I asked if everything was alright, she said she heard a voice.

She said it was the voice of an old woman calling out a name. She asked if I heard it, I didn’t want to scare her, she was only 7, so I answered “no but it was windy and that made some sounds, maybe you were imagining” She refused to believe it was the wind and started weeping, I didn’t want to frighten her but I couldn’t help it and I cried too.

I took her outside where it felt more comfortable waiting for mum to come back and make everything ok. Only but a few minutes later I could see the headlights driving up, I was never happier to see that old car. We ran over barely noticing dad in the front with blood on his face. Mother saw our faces and asked what was wrong, as we tried to explain my brother turned up, running in with great stories to tell.

Interrupting our woes and the building frustration towards him had helped ease our worries and previous thoughts. We all went inside, my sister and I were ushered to bed and told to go to sleep. It seemed our encounter wasn’t yet meant to be told. My sister was comforted by the presence of other people and soon forgot.

By selection, I forgot for the night, but the next day awoke with a thirst for knowledge and insight on the things which we can not see, the things we can feel, and how our soul fits it all in. It was later revealed by my mother that it was possibly her grandmother’s spirit/ghost. And so a spiritual journey began for me.

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