Ghost Dog Story

An Australian ghost dog story. Are ghosts real are ghost dogs real?
A ghost dog story and my haunted house experience. from Ange Marxsen.

ghost dog
A Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog Story

An Australian ghost story. A blood-curdling scream echoes down the elongated hallway of my childhood home, a 16-year-old me watching t.v at the other end of the house races to see what had happened. Fearing the worst I open the bedroom door to find Niki, my friend who happened to be having a sleepover with me, sitting wide-eyed on the bed in the spare room, pale white, and obviously shaken.

“Niki what’s wrong, I heard u scream, thought maybe someone was trying to break in or hurt you?” I said to her. She just sat there for a moment looking at the mirror then at me approaching her, a few times obviously trying to gather her words to answer me.

“You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I just saw your dog in the mirror” “Huh?” I reply a little lost for words now myself.  Less shaken now but with definite conviction in her voice Niki says “Ange, I just saw Tiger in the mirror, It was only for a second but I saw him”.

I take a seat on the bed next to her, “Oh….. but he has been dead for a few years now, he is buried under the mulberry tree” as if to check, I look out the window, it’s pitch black can’t see a thing. I look back at Niki and I will never forget the look on her face, it was the look of someone who believes what they saw It scared me a little.

As if hearing my mental chatter she nods smiles and in true Niki, fashion says “I’m ok now, he just gave me a fright” She climbs back into bed   “Are you sure? I can stay for a bit?” I say still trying to grasp what has just happened. “No all good” I hug her and start making my way out of the room saying “ only in this house could a routine sleepover be so exciting hey” I state “Yeah “ she replies “ only in this house” with that I close the door and start making my way down the hallway.

It’s strange though you always felt someone following you down the hallway, for the longest time I just thought it was my imagination until I came to the age of having parties or just casual movie nights with lots of friends. That’s when I started to notice other people either running or speed walking the last bit or emerging looking a little freaked out from having to use our hallway to make their way to the loo or something.

Then asking me what the go was with the hallway feels like it’s watching me. My answer would always be the same “I’m not sure, but it’s a little strange, you do get used to it or u can just tell them to go away” I usually would receive the same glazed expression, the one that says maybe this girl is a little crazy, to that I would reply. “You’re the one who just ran down an empty hallway” – Ange Marxsen

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