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Ghost Chaser A House Clearing

A house clearing. Australian Ghost Story Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles
sets out to rid a building of an annoying benevolent ghost.

house clearing

Ghosts Of Australia A House Clearing

A house clearing. Several years ago, as part of my work as a ‘house clearer’, I was asked to clear a restaurant in Byron Bay for the new owner, who said things had been flying around the kitchen and bar area and he was having trouble keeping staff and getting clients to return. He believed the place to be inhabited by a benevolent ghost of evil intent and had seen him several times in his peripheral vision.

Usually, the imprint of previous inhabitants or old thought-forms that just hang around are quite easy to remove – a sage stick and a bell or drum to shatter the energies have always worked in the past. Just a routine clearing I thought. My wrong!

As my colleague and I walked up the stairs to the reception area she tripped over and fell flat on her face. She swore she had been pushed.  We dusted her down, collected ourselves, took a big breath and walked in the door.  It was if he knew why we were there and was putting on a great display of disapproval.

“Right!” I said, holding my colleague’s hand, “You think you can frighten us? … not gonna happen!” I told him, with as much conviction as I could muster up. We stood to face each other in the middle of the room and called in the light.  A bottle fell off the shelf in the bar and shattered on the counter. We knew we were the only people in the building and it was blatantly obvious that we had caught his attention.

“Now what!” I said to him.  “You can’t harm us.  We come in truth and bring in the light to benefit the new owners of this place and to help you on your journey to the Netherlands.  Time for you to go now, friend.  You are caught in the wrong place and time and your loved ones await you on the other side.” With that another bottle flew across the room, barely missing my colleague’s head! “Enough!” I shouted at him.  “You must go! We command you to leave this place and stop interfering in others’ lives.  You are breaking a universal law.”

Dealing With The Paranormal

We held hands this time and asked for help from the big guns, invoking all the Archangels who were willing to come and anyone else who could assist us move this guy on – and we both heard the voice of women over to our left, sobbing, pleading for help, totally terrified and bereaved. “Did you hear that?” I asked my friend. “Yes. She has a child with her.”

We tuned into the place where we thought the voice had come from and sure enough, there was a faint image of a woman holding a child in front of her, looking at us with pleading eyes. “My baby,” she said.

We handed the crossing over of these poor trapped souls, and of any others, we had not noticed to the buggars that be, and went around the whole building with our smudge sticks, drums and bells and filled it with as much light and positive intention as we could – hoping the job was done.  My wrong again!

This dude wouldn’t leave me alone!  For some reason, he thought he had found a sympathetic ear and dumped his whole criminal life story on me over the next week. Drugs. Gun runs, murders – you name it.  This guy had been a really bad man when he was alive and harmed a lot of people!  Try as I could to convince him to leave me alone or to enroll the assistance from beyond the veil, he just held on and on and on. Finally, it occurred to me that he had no friends or family waiting for him who cared. No wonder!

My colleague went to the library to research the local history of the place. Sure enough, she found out that the place had been rebuilt after a suspicious fire had burned it to the ground. There had been a woman hostage and her child who had burned to death along with him.  Fear was holding them all to the earth plane. Eventually, I gathered a circle of fellow pagans to perform a ritual and with their help, the three of them all left together. It was one of the longest weeks of my life and I still shiver whenever I look at the photos we took of the place on that day. I trust that they have all received the healing and care they needed for the trauma and terror they experienced in that life. © Jyoti Eagles