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October Full Blue Moon Meaning

This Halloween 2020 get prepared for the rare lunar event the
October full blue moon on the 31st.
The hunter moon falls in the zodiac sign of Taurus.

October full blue moon
Hunter Moon October

The spookiest night of the year, Halloween October the 31st, when the portal door opens to the ones who have passed over. Enabling strong emotional connections with our relatives and loved ones. Now, let’s double that energy by adding a full moon. Oh wait, let’s triple that energy by adding a full blue moon.

October Full Blue Moon Astrology

The October full blue moon also aligns with Mercury retrograde in Libra squaring Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. A multiplex of energies all aligned at once and hitting the earth in the light reflection of Uranus. (Moon conjunct Uranus)

Expect the unexpected to know that there will be twists and turns upsetting the balance of your normal rhythm. A full Blue moon is the zenith of moon power throughout the year, be sure to create and let go of your magical energy for manifestation of this blue moon. The perfect time to tune into your psychic energy in preparation for a higher consciousness power-boosting download.

Love is in the air. A time to release the doves. Promoting happiness and peaceful contentment. A spiritual call to know oneself drives you to achieve your ambitions this full blue moon, with success. A challenging but rewarding exercise.

October Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

This cosmic event reminds us anything is possible with a little passion and the right intentions. To remember not to lock down our minds nor confine our thinking. When the body sits still and contemplates with imagination. The soul is free.

Finding your mojo is the message of this full moon. Getting back to who you really are and examining your core values. Asking yourself what is it true I’m wanting from life.  Finding the child within and remembering what is important in life to you. There is no better time to embrace the spiritual side of you.

During the time leading up to the full blue moon, our physical energy levels will fluctuate. Experiencing bouts of overtiredness and times of high energy levels. This will balance out the closer the full moon comes.

This cosmic download also triggers deep emotional healing. Especially for the lightworkers and healers of the world. Just when we thought we have healed an emotional pain within, from our past.  Another layer of the onion is peeled leaving us with the remains of pain. Pain, we thought we had already dealt with.

Without this energy igniting parts of our brain, we had previously shut down. This remaining emotional healing may have never taken place. Releasing physical and mental healing opening the soul to a new fresh open mind, uncluttered by the past.

Blue Moon Halloween Ritual October 31st

The ceremonial intentions this October full moon lead towards creating harmony and balance, bringing in what is needed and excluding what is not. Blue moon ritual tools include two bowls, two pieces of paper, a pen, fire from a candle, and a cup of water.

Write down on one piece of paper two things you want to bring in and around you.  Fold the piece of paper five times and place it at the bottom of your first bowl. On Halloween night light a red candle, repeat to yourself out loud the two things you wish to enter your life. Remove the message from the bowl hold it over the candle flame and burn it.

As you watch the smoke leave, be in the knowledge that the breeze of spirit lifts your message out to the universe, so it may come back to you fulfilled. Write down on the other piece of paper two things you’re having trouble with at the moment.

Place the message in the remaining bowl and cover it with a cup of water. Rest the bowl on a windowsill overnight, in the morning empty the water out, remove the message and place it in the bin. As you are doing this focus your thoughts on ridding yourself of the very things you wrote down. Many blessings Copyright Psychic Medium Ian Scott