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Full Moon 2023 Astrology Calendar

2023 marks a forward movement, leaving old outdated methods and thinking behind. A shift in consciousness is an effort to right wrongs and allow free open thinking. The days of tyranny are coming to end. But not without a bang. Earth’s biggest debate yet, “Are we a just and noble race in the universe, who brings peace and love?”

Full Moon January 2023 Meaning

The full moon in January falls on the 6th at 16° in the star sign of Cancer. A time to concentrate on the things that will protect your life forward. Rather than focusing on being constantly entertained. There’s a time to relax a time to party and a time to take yourself and your life seriously.

The spiritual meaning of the January full moon may be summed up in three words. “Focus, Connection and Balance”. The feeling of being alone or separated is all but an illusion. The universe and all things in it, don’t work in isolation from each other. Everything is connected including you.

Refocus your mind, and remember you cannot be alone on a planet with billions of people. The feeling of aloneness is a state of mind. You are no exception. Cosmic energy is everywhere all over the planet but especially on a full moon.

The cosmic energy that connects us all. It’s your choice, your mind, you have to make a conscious effort to engage, to connect. Focus on finding balance through deep connections with yourself and others. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

January 14th – Last Quarter Moon at 24° Libra.
January 21st – New Moon at 1° Aquarius – Super New Moon. Year of the Rabbit.
January 28th – First Quarter Moon at 8° Taurus.

Full Moon February 2023 Meaning

The full moon in February falls on the 5th at 16° in the sign of Leo. An exciting full moon filled with anticipation of things to come. Although now is not the time to rush to an end goal. A slow steady pace allowing creative wisdom of thought is needed.

We all need support in some shape or form. As the sun supports growth and the moon supports the tides. Don’t see requiring support as a negative thing or failure on your part. Ask for support when you need it, but don’t abuse the support of others.

This full moon has a chance to send some into depression. Remember laughter is loved it’s light and fluffy and uplifting. Learn your life lessons with humour behind them. The whole world is much brighter with laughter. The best way to deal with depression, that and learning not to care so much, nothing really matters.

February 13th – Last Quarter Moon at 24° Scorpio.
February 20th – New Moon at 1° Pisces – Super New Moon.
February 27th – First Quarter Moon at 8° Gemini.

Full Moon March 2023 Astrology

The full moon in March lands on the 7th at 16° Virgo. A power-packed month of astrological influence. With the March Equinox, Saturn moving into the sign of Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius major shifts are taking place. Mars also leaves its post retrograde position.

This is truly the start of the year in an astrological sense. As the energies of the past couple of months have been about 2022. A round-up of the things you should have let go of by now. 2022 problems. Finishing those outmode beliefs and convictions. Ending the things around you that are no longer working for you. And allowing yourself a fresh change of view.

This March full moon 2023 is all about perspective. If you ask 5 people to take a photo of one particular subject. You will get back five different photos. Regardless of the subject matter being photographed. This is because we all have our own unique perspectives of things based on our experiences.

This is a very unconscious thing to do. To constantly see things from your own experiences is like reliving nightmares over and over again. We are not unconscious beings, our brain is our computer and if you let it run the same old programme without intervention. You are really a puppet of all your past experiences.

Advance your mind, and allow your soul to take the reigns. Know that the way you currently see things is only one perspective and usually an unconscious one. As explained above. The March full moon encourages us to grow and see things from all perspectives. Often changing your perspective on the way you see things will bring compassion, empathy, understanding of our fellow human beings and most all spiritual advancement. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

March 14th – Last Quarter Moon at 24° Sagittarius.
March 21st – New Moon at 0° Aries.
March 28th – First Quarter Moon at 8° Cancer.

Full Moon April 2023 Meaning

The full moon in April falls on the 6th at 16° in the star sign Libra. A time when our emotions may not be in check. A troublesome time as the planets begin to stir up the unusual and past hurts. Cosmic energy flowing toward the earth and shining off the full moon this month has an impact on our emotional intelligence.

The spiritual meaning behind this is a little test for yourself. To see how you handle a mixed match of emotions not necessarily bought about by you. But nonetheless, aligns with your spiritual lessons.

The full moon this April will pack a punch with plenty of surprises and epiphanies. Meditate as much as you can, and try to see things clearly knowing the energy is scattered enough to interfere with your radar. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

April 13th – Last Quarter Moon at 23° Capricorn.
Apr 20 – New Moon – Solar Eclipse at 29° Aries.
Apr 27 – First Quarter Moon at 7° Leo.

Full Moon May 2023 Spiritual Meaning

The full moon in May arrives on the 5th at 14° Scorpio and is a Lunar Eclipse. With the sting of a scorpion and the darkness of a lunar eclipse, the wolf howls his ancient message. A time for clarity, the revelation of knowing previously held secrets. Enlightens your mind and spiritual outlook.

The water signs will prosper during this full moon period. The earth signs will find it difficult to manage their emotions. During such a time of self-reflection and character challenges. Hold tight the universe is handing out lessons.

May full moon is a heavy one, but much can be achieved. Concentrate on responding rather than reacting to any situation or happening. Stay calm among adversity, this way clarity won’t be lost. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

May 12th – Last Quarter Moon at 21° Aquarius.
May 19th – New Moon at 28° Taurus.
May 27th – First Quarter Moon at 6° Virgo.

Full Moon June 2023 Meaning

The full moon falls on June the 3rd at 13 degrees Sagittarius. The archer, fire, straight arrows and you’re sure to hit your target. The beautiful Australian winter moon asks us to surrender to the highest force of our being. Our spiritual purpose.

Allow your soul to provide the compass. We do not need to control the direction of our path with our logical minds. For this cuts us off from the natural ebb and flow of the universal life force energy. We must surrender to the flow of the universe. Be like water.

Miracles are created through and by letting go. Know that the answer to a question comes when you let go of the need to have that answer. That’s ebb and flow allowing the universe to guide you. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott

June 10th – Last Quarter Moon at 19° Pisces.
June 18th – New Moon at 26° Gemini.
June 26th – First Quarter Moon at 4° Libra.

Full Moon July 2023 Meaning

The full moon arrives on July 3rd at 11 Capricorn.

July 09th – Last Quarter Moon at 17° Aries.
July 17th – New Moon at 24° Cancer.
July 25th – First Quarter Moon at 2° Scorpio.

Full Moon August 2023 Meaning

The full moon falls on August the 1st at 9° Aquarius – Super Full Moon.

August 08th – Last Quarter Moon at 15° Taurus
August 16th – New Moon at 23° Leo.
August 24th – First Quarter Moon at 1° Sagittarius
August 30th – Full Moon at 7° Pisces – Super Full Moon

Full Moon September 2023 Meaning

The full moon in September arrives on the 29th at 6° Aries.

September 6th – Last Quarter Moon 14° Gemini.
September 14th – New Moon 21° Virgo.
September 22nd – First Quarter Moon 29° Sagittarius.

Full Moon October 2023 Meaning

The full moon in October falls on the 28th at 5° Taurus and is a Lunar Eclipse.

October 6th – Last Quarter Moon at 13° Cancer.
October 14th – New Moon Solar Eclipse (Annular) at 21° Libra.
October 21st – First Quarter Moon at 28° Capricorn.

Full Moon November 2023 Meaning

The full moon arrives on November 27th at 4° Gemini.

November 5th – Last Quarter Moon at 12° Leo.
November 13th – New Moon at 20° Scorpio.
November 20th – First Quarter Moon at 27° Aquarius.

Full Moon December 2023 Meaning

The full moon in December falls on the 26th at 4° Cancer.

December 5th – Last Quarter Moon at 12° Virgo.
December 12th – New Moon at 20° Sagittarius.
December 19th – First Quarter Moon at 27° Pisces.

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