Friendships Relationships

Friendships Relationships Are Like Motor Cars Are You A Yellow,
Brown or Old Red Friend? Some Friends are very kind, A comedic take.

Friendships Relationships Are Like Motor Cars
Are You A Yellow, Brown or Old Red Friend?

Flower Friend

Some Friends are very kind, sweet and bubbly.
They try to look their best.
They are a little embarrassing to go out with sometimes.
If there is a drama in their lives, they tend to think the sky is falling.
Mostly reliable when they get there.

Yellow Friend

Some Friends are a little strange, and give you weird looks.
They can be a little unbalanced and do not like the fast lane.
Narrow-minded at the best of times.
One of those friends you have to accept them for the way they are.
They don’t fit in with the rest of the group.

Flashy Friend

Some Friends are really fun to be with, time fly’s when you’re with them.
They do show off a bit, make themselves the centre of attention.
They don’t like too many others around them or travelling with them.
Often egotistical and flash their cash around, but not your direction.
Self-centred and continually having to maintain themselves.

Silver Friend

Some friends are reliable, trustworthy and genuinely love you.
They enjoy going out with you and are proud to walk next to you.
They will always be there for you without hesitation.
They become stronger than family because they stay around
because they want to, not because they have to.
They always seem to find time for you.

Toy Friendships and Relationships

Some pretend to be your friends, but really they are not.
They are only around you, for what benefits they get from you.
Careful there fun to play with but not the real thing.
They like to break and break things including their relationships.
You will only see them when they want something.
They will be around when they want to be entertained.

Old Red Friend

Old friends, the ones you have known forever,
are always there if you need to talk.
They may not be living close anymore but you still hear from them.
Their reliable and know you well and always have a bed for you.
You may not see them as much as you would like,
but they are always on your mind. A loving friendship.

Loud Proud White Friend

Some are drama queens and trap you in on their dramas.
They panic for very little reason.
It is all about them, even when it is about you.
They are constantly rushing around getting nowhere.
They carry and talk about other problems
because they do not want to look at their own.

Brown Friend

Some friends abandon you for no reason,
even though you may still love them.
They leave you out, cut you off, not wanting to be with you.
Sometimes it is they cannot be a good friend,
because no one has shown them how to be a good friend.
It is easier for them to walk away, rather than forgive and solve issues.

Golden Friend

Some friends are just beautiful and loving.
Always ready to have fun in style with their loved ones.
They are sensitive, caring and love to hug and be hugged.
They have bright happy energy that you want to be around.
There is nothing you will not know about each other.
A feeling of knowing them all your life,
maybe even a past life too.

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