Achemar Fixed Star Meaning

Achemar Fixed Star Meaning
Achemar Fixed Star Meaning

The fixed star Achemar (Mouth of the River) is situated in the constellation Eridanus (River) 139 light-years from Earth. A blue and white star with a magnitude of 3.4 at 23° Aries. Achemar has congruent energy with the planet Jupiter.

Fixed Star Achemar Meaning

A fortunate star, one of success and gratitude, but not without hard work and dedication. A spiritual path is indicated with Achemar designed and developed to uplift and transcend previous knowledge. A flow of psychic energy is found in this fixed star. Which drives the metaphysical ways of this occult-like energy.

Those with Achemar in their natal chart will excel in public affairs and matters of the heart. Making these people potential leaders of men and countries. Emotional intelligence runs the motor behind the eyes of the ones with Achemar energy. Intuition plays a huge part as it is strong in these people. You can’t fool them with fake empathy they will know it straight away.

A lucky star that stirs the universe into projecting abundant prosperous energy. Achemar reminds us to stay positive as there are always new days and tides to wash away any negativity. Focusing on all the things you have right now and not on the things your want. Actually brings forward any wishes you may have. Think about how gratefulness leads to abundance.

Found prominent in an astrology chart on a full moon. This blue and white and very hot fixed star Achemar seeks to reach beyond what is known… releasing a restless thirst for knowledge. Open your mind and embrace all that is new because this star promises happiness and success for those who are ready to transcend.  The flowing river of truth flows gently. © Psychic Medium Ian Scott.

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