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Shamans Magic Evoke The Eagle

Shamans magic evoke the eagle animal spirit guide.
Spiritual poetry about animal spirit eagle. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Evoke The Eagle

Shamans Magic Evoke The Eagle

 We stand here flat-footed, grounded, driven to and by the earth
Palms to the sky, head tilted towards the sun, we close our eyes

Shifting from the sands beneath us eagle flurries his wings
Emerging in a whirlwind his feathers cover our bodies.

Seeing with the clarity of a well-focused laser
We enter the astral, a fully-fledged eagle

With the freedom of wings, we soar to the highest point
A clouded peak set in charcoal, we perch.

From this perspective, we do see the world differently
With a sense of purpose behind it, we sent out an almighty cry

A cry which has a sharpness only equal to a samurai sword
Piercing the land calling on those which are able, to fly.

Reaching for what we previously thought was out of reach
We stand our ground, Calibrate those eyes, Sharpen those talons

Fly, allow ourselves to be loved, allow others to love us
Let peace into our hearts, allow ourselves to be happy.

From up above, from the Eagles perspective,
there is nothing which cannot be solved

From this view all is still, all is calm
Eagle helps us to see into the distance,
to see what we have previously denied ourselves of seeing.

© as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Related: Eagle spirit animal >