Lunar Eclipse Spell

Lunar Eclipse spell ritual and mystical spell how to conjure forth your
hearts desires and wanted manifestations. by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

lunar eclipse spell
Lunar Eclipse Energy Spell

The Lunar Eclipse and how to use it.

From a Witches perspective, it is a wonderful opportunity for enormous growth and transforming consciousness. It is also a perfect time to cast spells for what you desire in the future. There is a lot of hype about magic and spells being bandied around the new age circles as we enter this time of transformation.

Lunar Eclipse Spell

On one level casting spells is really another word for prayer, only as members of the craft, we are trained on how to work with the elements and appropriate gods to achieve results for the highest good. Anybody who does not have this in mind when performing magic should expect their negativity to rebound 3 fold.

This is a universal law.

Foremost in our minds should be an aim to become all that we are capable of becoming and that requires brutal honesty and a conscious commitment to changing that which does not serve us or others.

One of our most important tools in this work is our intuition which unfortunately has been deliberately educated out of us. Tell the masses that sex and intuition are evil and you can rule the world!

How dare they say we only have 5 senses when we have 6! And the 6th is the thing that protects us. It keeps us in the right place at the right time. It is our birthright. Ok.  I am often asked how to get in touch with this innate ability. The way to the sixth sense is through the five. It requires vigilance to retrain our minds to a new pathway but we are all psychic by nature. Claim it!

Listen to what people say and really hear.
Look and really see.
Touch and really feel.

Taste and smell as if for the first time and you will find your awareness of all that surrounds you will change and deepen. Good luck and many blessings this Lunar eclipse with making the most of the assistance from the stars. They are also inside of you as we are all an integral part of the whole. © by Jyoti Eagles Druid Priestess

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