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Earth Mystics Short Story

The earth mystics {A spiritual short story}. are here, but are they from here?
And where is that secret garden they all keep going to?

Earth Mystics
Short Story Earth Mystics

Earth Mystics The Dream

“It’s so dark,” she thought, studying the tall building from the street. The whole block was covered in coldness as though it were hiding in the shadows. But the shadows of what, there were no trees or mountains to explain this, and so with this in mind.

Elysha unwillingly followed her mother, making her way up the cracked concrete stairs, to what would become their new home. “here we are”, her mother exclaimed as they reached the door with the broken number 9, Elysha was only 10 but she could tell her mothers smile was forced and so her heart sank. Remembering…


‘Elysha’s father, her mother’s husband and soul mate had died not that long ago

Their days were cold and at night their hearts wept as they mourned

On those lands of old, opportunities were rare even for a man

So bills went unpaid and their bellies began to ache, pressure mounted

Till one day her mother made a change, she took them away, far away

Somewhere so far it helped the memories fade, numbed the taste

Somewhere new where they’d never been before, not even in thought

somewhere they could stay and get a fighting chance, start a new life again

Somewhere on their own, to heal their wounds, grasping at straws

Her mother was distant, her glow had disappeared and she stopped singing’.

Although she had grown weary she didn’t give in, she went out and soon found a job, Elysha’s mother did what she could to put food on the table, put her into a school, keep her clothed and to ensure there was a roof over there head but still, she had not worn a smile. Times were tough, she had forgotten what it was like to laugh, the road was rough. It had been a while since she had a dream, till one cold night she had one she remembered well.

She recalled the next day, ‘ It was black, to begin with, and she didn’t know where she was, space and time had been held still the space around her were deep and vast, no ground.  She was floating and in the distance, she saw a small glow, she looked harder, as she did so it grew brighter, got closer, bigger, it came with a warmth she recognized, the more she looked the closer it got till she could make out a figure through the darkness.

Elysha was overwhelmed with a sense of love and so she ran to it, she ran as fast as she could, then suddenly stopped, it was her dad and his glow was incredible. It was as though she could see straight through him yet he was definitely there and without a word said he held his hands out, they were covered in dirt, she didn’t understand, he slowly opened his outstretched hands to her amongst the dirt there was a tiny seed.  In a soft voice, he said to her ‘help it grow’ then as she began to cry tears she also didn’t understand, she wasn’t sure if she was happy to see him or sad to know she may not see him again, a tear fell into his hands where the dirt and seed lay, then something magical happened.

The seed cracked open and a sprout appeared, suddenly it got bigger and spread far and wide her eyes began to dry and she was beside herself in absolute awe, her entire vision became covered in lush green, the sprout had turned into a forest, then animals started to emerge, birds, bugs, insects and all sorts of webs and nests.  She was reminded of something, something her father had shown her and taught her, something that had always helped her family reconnect and feel alive again.  Then all at once she knew what he was trying to say, she knew what she had to do, she had to find a way to make this dream come true, she had a mission to go on.. Then as she looked up he was gone, he had faded into the distance again’…

Although she was sad again she was glad he had come to her with this message and so the next morning Elysha had awoken with a new sense of purpose. She somehow felt renewed with a sense of hope a sense of oneness and with a need to help, she had to make this happen, she had to start today, she had to figure it out, her mother depended on it, whether her mother knew this or not didn’t matter coz she knew what had to happen.

But how and where, how could they reconnect in a concrete jungle, where life came to die, how could she help the love grow where only indifference, money, and ignorance grew. She had not yet seen nature here, she had not seen any animal life or plants and trees, no matter, her first step was to find some, to find life among the dead, among this broken web.

Chance Encounter

The golden sun rose with a shine that almost blinded, or so it seemed to Elysha, now that she had a mission it was as though her vision had become sharper, clearer, and somehow less tainted. Every morning she awoke with a smile and thanked her father while saluting the sun gods for another opportunity to bask in their light. Her mother was now working more than before and would leave before Elysha was up, although at first Elysha strongly protested against this, she now knew it was for a reason, for now, she had a chance to begin her journey.

She would look and look on her way to and from school, looking for something other than the concrete which seemed to blanket this place. She needed more than brick and mortar more than steel and asphalt, more than traffic lights and road signs, more than buildings and parking lots, more of something else.

A week had passed since her father’s vision had met with hers on that cold night and she was beginning to think maybe she misread his words or maybe it was just a crazy dream that she hoped was a connection, coz she missed her dad oh so much. The weekend came and it almost left before she got to get her mother to come out for a walk with her. Elysha had been trying for days to get her mother out with her, in the hopes they would stumble across something she was looking for.

Earth Mystics The City

On this glorious Sunday afternoon as the sun was setting with its yellow and crimson beams sprawled across the hazy skies Elysha made a discovery that put her right back on her path. They had walked beyond their block for once and although her mother was tired Elysha managed to get to parts of the city they had never ventured to.

To her surprise, Elysha’s mother actually liked it and thanked her because they had strolled into an area of street vendors where they found fresh fruits and vegetables being sold. They were both pleasantly surprised and had spent enough time looking around to overhear people speak of ‘that park’, what did they mean by that, what park? and where was it?.

Elysha went home with more questions than she had begun with, but how was she to get the correct answers, who could help her. The next day did not start out as bright as the past week had and Elysha was in a daze, she felt lost again. She had researched maps of the area all night and still could not find any park, so she left for school late because she was in a hazy state and didn’t even realize how slowly she was walking, moving, and talking.

“stoop it, just leave us alone”  someone cried out from what seemed to be an alleyway, Elysha ran to the sound, a cry filled with desperation and pain. When she got around the corner she saw a boy curled up on the brick ally floor, another boy standing in front of him, protecting him from the 5 other kids standing around them, the others looked older and there were 4 boys and 1 girl but their faces looked cruel and they appeared to be taunting and teasing the two little boys. Throwing empty cans at the one curled up and tossing garbage at them. Elysha grew mad, her blood felt hot and there were tears welling up in her eyes and without a second thought, she picked up a stone and with all her might she threw it at a bin made of steel that sat near the commotion.

CLANG! It made a thunderous sound as it hit. Everyone turned in her direction startled, “oh we have a hero”  one of the boys exclaimed, and they all begun to walk up the alley towards Elysha. She could only think of one thing to do, something her mother had told her upon their arrival in this strange new place. Elysha screamed she screamed so loud and for so long, it hurt to listen, but it got the attention of people walking by on the street. Soon enough there were 3 adults which came running over to see what the fuss was about.

At the sight of these concerned people the 5 kids ran out of the ally and kept on running and the people that came saw that she was well and concern was not needed. So they went on their way as quickly as they had come. Slowly Elysha made her way over to the two remaining boys and softly asked “Are you both OK? what happened? why were those other kids being so mean?”. The smaller boy on the ground had not moved but she could hear his whimpers coming from underneath his covered face, the other boy did not answer as he was trying to console the smaller boy telling him that it was ok now, that he could get up, that no one would hurt him now, that he loved him and would always protect him.

Earth Mystics Friends

Not wanting to interrupt Elysha remained silent, watching them closely she noticed they looked similar, so similar in fact she thought they must be related, like brothers. Both boys were now standing, the one who seemed older began thanking her for being so courageous and explaining what was happening and although the other boy didn’t say a word she could tell he was different. He was special and he had a kind soul. Suddenly she remembered she had to get to school and told the boys so, as it turned out they were on their way to school as well and much to Elysha’s surprise they were all going to the same school.

Elysha quickly came to the realization that she had been so caught up in her own world she had not even taken the time to notice the very people around her. Both boys were in the same grade as her, also they had gone to the same school for years they had lived in her area their whole lives, actually, they had never ventured beyond the city. Their parents were separated and they barely saw any of the children as much as they had wanted.

Troy was the only one who was talking, he had a stern face for a ten-year-old his eyes were blue and sharp they told a story that showed he had a lot on his mind but was strong enough to keep it together and hold it inside just fine. Or was he, did anyone even know what went on in his head, what his heartfelt, or how his soul bled. Elysha wanted to know and in remembering what her father had said, she knew they had crossed paths for a reason, all 3 of them. After being here this long she had finally found a connection and a clue to the knowledge of a park hidden somewhere in this great city and so she went to school that day with a sense of determination and purpose once again but this time with some new friends.

Revelation Brings Action

A new friendship had begun meanwhile everything else was coming undone, the times changing fast without anywhere to run. On a hot and dreary lunch break the trio sat together, inseparable since day one, they pondered, conversed and wished for peace more suited to kids, they spoke dreamily of a shady place they could play in, climb on and feel at ease with, a gentle place where they felt safe and free. A place with space they could not outgrow, one that would sustain their imaginations long after the sun had faded.

This quickly led to thoughts and fond memories of times long forgotten, of trees once loved and adorned with laughter, of love now being disconnected and mourned. It was at that moment where Elysha noticed the sadness and like a tidal wave that crashes on the shore, it suddenly hit her, she had been off course, now the path called to her and she became drawn to her dream again, that journey she was so determined to follow “How could I forget, but this is it, this moment is the next step!”

She suddenly exclaimed in a way that was more to herself until she realized the look of confusion upon the faces of her newfound friends. Well they had to know, this all happened for a reason, right down to every word in the conversation, it all meant something and there was no turning back now, she had been re-awakened. After explaining the parts of her life up to that point and having some understanding of it, Elysha spoke of her dream and the importance of everything thought to be a coincidence, random events, chance meetings and all the mystery surrounding her visions, how it was becoming clearer and making more sense.

Without barely taking a breath and no hesitation Elysha initiated her line of questions, she asked, queried, explained, and questioned further. She had a need to know, to know she wasn’t crazy, to know her instincts were correct, to know if this was all real but mostly to know that her father wasn’t actually gone that he did live on somewhere and that he came as a visitor, not a dream, that she didn’t make it up and it was really him.

Almost pleading for the information she asked the boys to trust her and help her, to think of their lives spent in this place and if they remembered or heard of any parks, bushlands, possible prairies, or ranges of any form of nature that was not in a pot or vase.

Both boys deep in thought for what seemed like a lifetime to Elysha, then, who most would think was mute by his contented silence uttered two words and though he spoke softly there was a certain clarity and confidence in his voice as he said “Point Kurilpa”, and before Elysha could ask for an elaboration the bell rang, the teachers were ushering the children back into class and in an instant, the playground was bare and only they were there. Turning towards the brothers Elysha knew at once that was all she was going to get, and that was far more than she had anticipated, she was exhilarated.

Later that afternoon on their travels back home from school and without her pushing the subject, Troy began speaking of a sacred place that he had not seen since he started his schooling, he told her of the faded memories he held of it, torn tales as he struggled to remember those times he spent indulging in it’s, well it’s love.

He couldn’t explain much of the stories except how he felt during it, how alive it all seemed, and how it helped feel something beautiful within him. An ancient land once visited and adored by many could not be recalled, what came to be of such a magical place, where did it go, what happened and why was there no one who knew?

With this in mind, the children decided they would investigate it, and if it was hiding that they would find it and reveal it to the world. That evening Elysha didn’t spare a single moment, the first chance she got she used to explain every little thing to her attentive mother, without skipping a detail she spilled it all. Silence.

For once Elysha thought maybe her mother didn’t understand what she meant, maybe she didn’t believe in her need to seek out this mystical oasis that was somehow hidden in this dry land of grey, covered in black tar and stifled with white noise, maybe her mother had forgotten from whence they came, maybe she had finally lost faith.

Just as Elysha was about to speak her mother burst out into tears, she tried to stop but they kept pouring out so she spoke above her tears, knowing Elysha was confused she wanted to explain to her daughter how touched she was, how weak her very words had left her and how much she reminded her of the soul mate she once had and how proud he would’ve been to see his daughter carry on such an immense spirit so essentially natural and kin to his own. She also explained to the daughter of her great faith and belief in the innocence of children and how such purity must be protected, nourished, trusted and allowed to flourish before the world is left with nothing.

To Elysha’s mother children were the final hope for mankind and with that embedded in her soul and mind she had a tenderness and willingness to aid in the growth and empowerment of what would become the future, she could not deny the task before her and promised Elysha she would do all she could to help her follow her path and fulfil her dream. First, she would need to uncover its history, she would have to determine the current existence of this oasis before finding its location, all night she thought of this, why? How? Where to begin?

Elysha’s mother tossed and turned with this till the early hours when she was lulled into peaceful dreaming by the sound of a soulful voice, hearing a lullaby her mother had stopped singing to her when she was five, she followed it into another world. Her dream was far more abstract than the one her daughter had, there were no known human forms, no recognizable symbolism, just shapes, and shadows, distorting and changing into more strange figures and yet that voice continued its song gently in the background, no longer luring her but rather soothing her before she knew it she had melted into her dream.

Elysha rose with the sun the next morning, she felt different though, stronger, she had some direction, some hope, some love, some help, friends and of course her mother’s blessings and guidance so the journey to find a mystical oasis had truly begun. Then it hit, what would she do when she found it, so concerned with its discovery she hadn’t thought of what was to happen next

Earth Mystics Search Map

With anticipation in the air, Elysha and her mother decided to spend the weekend in a deep investigation. Questioning the inhabitants was becoming tiring and unsuccessful so there was one option which held an abundance of hope, filled with forgotten knowledge and ancient wisdom, “the library of course” Elysha exclaimed as it hit her like a tidal wave. Before entering they were both planning out and contemplating where to go and what to look for, each on their own path which would ultimately lead to the same goal, united by the mission set before them, sharing a vision and joined by mutual love.
“Yesss” a loud cry of victory from the shadows in the distance of long bookshelves, Elysha’s mother had found original and dusty maps of the area detailing the towns’ origins and state in which structure had begun.  The next hour was spent inspecting the maps and photocopying delicate blueprints. Filled with a sense of accomplishment, they left the library holding hands and sharing thoughts. They had a vague idea of where they needed to go and had drawn themselves a small map of their own to follow.
There was no time to inform their friends at this point; they had to see for themselves first, to confirm they were heading in the right direction. After 40 minutes of maneuvering their way through the dense city with its crowded streets and barren spirits, they had reached their destination. Standing motionless at its entrance, both in awe, such a majestic sight, yet it goes unnoticed.  Elysha’s mind filled with questions, how is it this went unnoticed? How come no one knew of it? Its size was immense yet not a mention of it, not even by the lifelong residents. How has no one seen this lush land that seemed to emanate its own light, a world within a world it seemed as it stood its ground, firm in its foundation, its extensions reaching for the heavens, it was a life of its own and it was inviting them in.
As they stood in awe two big bright sapphire coloured butterflies slowly fluttered by and came back again as if they were ushering them to come inside and for one sweet moment  Elysha saw the world as it was, they had been living in a charade, they had forgotten their roots, everyone, living in a world with no life, breathing in everything but fresh air, feeling everything except the earth, wanting so much yet giving so little, looking for something that everyone’s too busy to see was right there all along.
This was a milestone moment on their path to the truth, this was what Elysha’s father had shown her in the dream that changed her experience in this new land, and this is what it had led to, but why? It couldn’t just be to merely see it, his message was far more urgent than that, “help it grow” he had said, but, it was grown, it was abundantly full, she could feel the warmth and love it shared permeating everything around her, it was almost overwhelming as it engulfed her being.

Removing shoes and treading lightly upon its earth, mother and daughter walked in and around the land as if the grass were porcelain beneath their bare feet. Without knowing if they had reached its centre, its heart, and then out amongst the shadows of the trees two figures appeared with grace and emerged drenched in a powerful essence that could not be denied.  Time and space were still, as if frozen, then its silence was broken, one of the figures spoke out, “Ai gan jiim yu no brabli” it was the raspy voice of an elderly man.

Silence again. What language was that? What did it mean? Who are these people? Was this part of the plan? So many thoughts and questions raced through Elysha’s mind so she turned to her mother and what she saw made her heart race too, her mother had tears welling up in her eyes, she couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad but she knew her mother was overwhelmed with feeling, which could only mean she knew, remembered or recognized something in this situation, the people, language or place. What was it? What was happening? And again the voice spoke out repeating “Ai gan jiim yu no brabli

Not From Here

Frozen with wonder and as still as a frozen lake, although fear evaded her. Elysha felt amazingly drawn, almost as though there was a magnet surrounding them, creating a field of energy that seemed to pull everything into them: an electric-magnetic field of sorts.

Distance decreased whilst simultaneously strengthening their electromagnetic force, which to Elysha had now become apparent. They stood to face each other, less than arm lengths away and Elysha and her mother both realized it was an elderly man and elderly woman, and the woman was obviously blind, for she clearly had no eyes. Striking, were the elderly man’s eyes, a detailed emerald green, clear and sharp, but he did not seem able to speak English, which just happens to divert all her attention.

Then finally she managed a movement, slowly turning to her mother, but realizing she must’ve felt the same, by the wide-eyed glistening look in her eyes, Elysha knew she had to do or say something, answers were in need. Stepping forward she held out her hand and said “Hello, my name is Elysha and this beautiful woman here is my mother. Please excuse us if we have upset or disturbed you, it was not our intent, but if there is any information you would be willing to share about this place we would be very grateful for it. We have been in search of this park for a long time and would just like to learn more about it”.

Silence fell as she stood with an outstretched hand and almost as if in slow motion the elderly woman took a step forward, grabbed Elysha’s hand, and held it gently as she has begun to speak “We’ve been awaiting your arrival. The saviours of the land were foretold by the prophets of a time long gone. At a passing intersection of ancient spirits. Connected and delicately held together by the fabric of consciousness interwoven into all of us, seen in small moments of purity and integrity, cradled by love and sung with serenity.”

The Couple

At this point, the elderly man moved forward but he did not shake hands, instead, he hugged them both, a warm and genuine embrace. During this seemingly short moment of human interaction, both Elysha and her mother were flooded with detailed and vivid signs in visions. Although the images and messages were different, their feelings were mutually entwined and mentally refined, looking through the third eye, the old looking glass of time.

Together Elysha and her mother wore looks of disbelief, what saviours? prophets? ancient spirits? What fabric? small moments? Cradled? serenity?….. Third eye? “Please do tell me what you mean!?” exclaimed Elysha in a rather excited tone of voice

To get the right answers you must first ask the right questions..” replied the elderly woman, continuing on “But first. My name is Gawandah” then as she gestured towards the elderly man, “and this is Dulgu, our families have been here for many generations and yet we two are all that’s left so it is up to us to ensure its growth and protection by finding suitable guardians, which only time will tell. But for now, we will go and meditate, feel free to go where you please, just don’t harm a thing.

Tomorrow just before dusk we will be tending to the vegetable gardens on the outskirts so if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to come down and ask”. “We’re honoured to have met you both” she finished just before she turned and began walking away, with the elderly man following close behind but not before looking back with a smile on his face. Elysha and her mother turned to each other giggling but turned back and found…. nothing….. No one was there anymore, not even further down the path, there was no sign or even feel of other people being around.

More shocks and surprises, it almost became overwhelming and as they stood there they thought and they thought. Who were those elderly people? Why were they waiting for them? What do they mean by ‘foretold by prophets’? When is this happening? Where did they come from and now where did they disappear off to? Then Elysha started wondering, how she is going to inform her friends, her partners in the journey. Would they, could they believe this extraordinary story, well how could they when she still can’t believe it, but how could she when she didn’t understand it yet, she couldn’t make sense of it yet, but she did know that she’d be thinking about it all even after she’s asleep in bed.


Anticipation and excitement filled Elysha’s thoughts, right up until she met with her friends and could tell them all about the new discoveries and information found. Although she seemed to be talking faster than normal, the boys heard and understood every word she uttered. Then she has begun to speak of the mystics and suddenly her voice was lowered, calmed as her tone simultaneously softened and at once all 3 were captivated.

“Take me” spoke an unfamiliar tone unheard by all; it was Troy’s brother and it was the first time anyone had heard him make an audible sound. And just like that Elysha suddenly realized she had failed to get his name, well, everything had moved so fast, he was so quiet and of course, she was so caught up that it had completely slipped her thoughts, so what better time to ask than now. “Isis” he had replied in a rather stern and matter of fact voice that Elysha would never have expected from him followed by “Can you take me please”.

It seemed as though his brother and Elysha were both rendered speechless themselves, stuck in a state of awe, they were amazed as they were curious. Slowly but surely Elysha responded with “Yes, yes, I’ve already thought of it and mother and I was planning to hopefully go down this afternoon when she has finished work so you will both have time to go home and get permission then come with us. Both boys nodded their heads in agreeance and with bulging eyes of eagerness.

This day could not of run any smoother, in fact, it was far better than Elysha had anticipated for, still in disbelief that “Isis“ could not just speak but spoke so well and assertively and more shocking that she had not asked for his name earlier but then again they had all connected so well it was easy to see why such a trivial note could be mistaken or forgotten, it did not diminish the friendship nor add any stress or strain upon either of them.

Before long it was the afternoon and they were on their way home, Elysha saw her friends off and went home to await her mother’s arrival from work. Elysha could barely contain her excitement. Her friends had arrived before her mother and they all waited patiently and the suspense was more than any of them could handle. Finally, Elysha’s mother had arrived and came full of apologies as it turned out she was just as excited as the kids were to go to this magical place and learn more of the earth mystics as well as their part in this journey. So off they all went to meet their destiny, together, including Isis and his great need to meet the earth mystics.

Without disappointment, the Earth Mystics Dulgu and Gawandah were seen in the exact same position where Elysha and her mother had last seen them and they appeared as magically as the first time, without warning and with the same warm light surrounding their very being. The vibe was positive and full of a feeling that can only be described as ‘love’. Their reassuring smiles put everyone at ease instantly then they gestured for everyone to come closer.
The boys were sweating, and Isis had a heart beating faster than a running horse as he realized he had dreamt of these two exact beings but in his dreams, they were taking up different forms, in a different embodiment, but the feeling and thoughts instilled in his mind during their presence were the exact same as the one in his dreams, well, one dream really, one dream that had repeated itself since as far back as he can remember.
Unusual to Isis was the fact that this reoccurring dream had made a habit of showing itself before a dangerous impending event occurred and it was almost as if it was an affirmation that everything would work out fine if he put his faith in these guides of such. So why were they here now? And in a physical form, what could be so dangerous or impending that they would show themselves here today? In this place, what was the purpose? How did this all fit together? It had to be something of importance because Elysha had dreams of warnings which led to this moment that was threaded together by coincidences and instincts, my gut and feeling, nothing was known but something was happening, it had become a puzzle with no visible pieces.

Earth Mystics Meeting

The mystics introduced themselves to the boys and reached over to shake their hands when they suddenly stopped when met by the eye contact of Isis. They looked at each other than around at the others and with slight hesitation slowly they leaned in to shake the hand of the young boy. Thoughts were the same all-round “why did they hesitate at the touch of Isis? Were they scared? Or did they maybe sense fear in him?
What were they thinking?” Seemingly everyone knew what the others were thinking, all of course except for Isis, no one could tell what his thoughts were, not even the mystics. Freely projecting their thoughts into the world, the mystics were not curious but just a little apprehensive about getting so close, for the first time since meeting they seemed to be in awe of something.
They touched and the contact created something unbelievable, something profound and something that shot through all of their minds, something no one could predict or control. The dream state, fog, blurred lines, and clouds appeared around the oasis, engulfing them all, and putting the moment into a trance, nothing felt real and nothing went unfeeling. The air rose to cause a breeze around the group, the plants, trees, flowers, grass, the beings and people in the area and even the water in the stream and the clouds up above, everything had a feeling everything had thought and emotion and everything was open to connection and communication, then visions came, it was so fast though. How could anyone make anything out of such a scattered collection of random visions? Or maybe they weren’t random but rather collective.
These were the memories of all connected within the radius of the oasis. Elysha’s story and her mothers had unfolded in bits and pieces then the lives of the boys were shown in parts, and lastly the lives, many lives, of the earth mystics were revealed through a pinhole view of small and major events, all these were scattered without timeline reference so there was confusion set upon them all, except one, Isis. Isis had somehow managed to gather all the same information yet it was placed in perfect sequential patterns and burned in his mind.

Earth Mystics Power

He had demonstrated power or maybe it was the mystics that knew of his power and put it up on display for his own knowledge. No one knew what it was that the others saw exactly, they just knew that their minds were inundated with fresh data and new information regarding all involved but without sense, random visions of lives lived and even a glimpse of something to come, something that involved them all, something important, and something that now only Isis knew of. It was something that he would have to find meaning to because as he had seen only he could make sense of it, then he would be able to pass on some valuable information to his friends, but it had to be done soon, it was imperative.
Following this there was much silence so the earth mystics took it upon themselves to break the uncomfortable ice by being the guides to the park, they took the children and showed them around the oasis pointing out parts they found important or were fond of in some way, they mentioned fact, myth, legend and historical events, anything and everything that would help fill any questions or gaps regarding their home. Lastly, they mentioned that it was, in fact, their home and permanent dwelling. This inadvertently set off sparks in the mind of Isis, this was clearly an important bit of information to make note of. Elysha made an unconscious note of this too. Why?

Passing Wisdom

As the days and weeks passed on the children grew increasingly close to the earth mystics. They went to the park every day after school and on the weekends when possible, Elysha’s mother was always present. They all learned new things and taught each other about each other by endeavouring on the same journey and sharing knowledge.

Nature itself became their home, bonding with it, and helping it grow, learning from the wisdom of the elders by choice. Curious minds expanding with love and light, the park was nurtured and truly was an Oasis. The children planted, pruned, watered, loved, sustained and supported life in the park alongside the earth mystics, they became friends with all the birds, possums and the Lil critters alike they experienced the beauty of living and the love of sharing, together they grew.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, they saw seasons pass and cycles completed again and again, of course, everything changes. As the cold weather began to creep up the life in the park began its opposite effect and eventually, it withered and died. But not all, the grasses and trees, the shrubs and bushes all go into hibernation mode and conserve themselves till the temperature gets warmer. Everything curled up as the darkness brings on a chill too hard to ignore. So the children’s visits also began to decline, it was so cold and there was nothing to do in the park while everything lay dormant yearning for the sun.

Winter passed and no one had stepped a foot in the park for three weeks but the days were warmer as the sun rose earlier and stronger. The morning chill was finally bearable for the children to endure so they were able to walk around outside without fear of getting sick due to the low temperatures. Elysha felt terrible for not having gone to the park in so long, it was as though she had betrayed the mystics, but she hadn’t.

Or did she? Elysha was overcome with a sense of guilt regarding them and the oasis. Why? She thought. “Why had I not offered them warmth?, why did the cold scare me so that I was not compassionate enough to notice the effects going on to the people around me?”. Her stomach turned and suddenly she felt sick, there was something wrong. What was it? She became terribly ill but when her mother rang the boys to inform them, she had been told that the boys had suddenly been overcome with a mysterious sickness and were to remain in bed until further notice by the family doctor.

All three children were sick at the same time, without knowing why or having contact recently. All had the same symptoms and were still without cause, a week passed and they remained bedridden. Reaching the second week and the children all began feeling better, once again, at the same time. But on the last night, they had the fever they all had a dream, the same dream, and somehow they knew it, all of them, as it was happening. They had entered the dream realm together in the same place they were placed on a long wooden boat, they were heading along a gentle river, and they were in search of something.

It got confusing when they encountered the Earth mystics, why would they see them in a spirit form? Why were they speaking to them as though they were elsewhere? It was as though they were distant, their voices faint, but nonetheless, they were thanking the children, grateful for the time and memories, they wept in appreciation for their existence, it was beautiful and touching but why did they feel sad at the same time? What was this supposed to represent? The children all had a very good idea but were unwilling to accept such a disastrous thought.

They wanted to get out of bed, to contact each other, to run to the park and see the earth mystics, to prove everything was ok, but they weren’t allowed to. Only just beating the sickness their parents had said they needed at least 2 more days in bed before they could go walking around outside as they were still rather fragile.

Those two days were the longest two days ever according to the three children, they had been long counting the minutes since they escaped their fever-induced delirium. The twos days passed and they were allowed a visit to the park. What they were looking for and what will they find, Elysha felt weak as they got close to the park. They all slowed and felt weak. What were they experiencing? Suddenly they all knew, they all stopped dead in their tracks. © Sentient Metaphysics

Sentient Metaphysics