Tree Meditation

Druid tree meditation techniques and written meditation.
Bring out and let shine your inner Druid by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

Tree Meditation

Druid Guided Meditation

A large part of the work we do in transforming consciousness is looking at our programming and the various patterns which run our lives. If we are aware of these issues we can become more present in the eternal moment and make some positive changes and choices in our life as we grow into the beings we were born to be; all-powerful expressions of universal consciousness.

Druids use trees to assist with this work as they are known for their ability to ground and guide us with the work. Different types of trees carry different energies and each individual tree has its own unique expression of life. The Ogham section in this magazine explains these energies and their meanings.

See if you can find a tree with which you feel an affinity and get to know it or visit one that you already know. Facing the South West, (North East in the Northern Hemisphere) sit with your back against the trunk of the tree and connect with its spirit. Ask permission to work with it as you call upon your ancestors to be present. (The trunk represents the present moment in time, whereas the roots represent the past and the foliage and branches the future.)

Druid Meditation Chants

You can burn some incense from the Ash Tree as in the Ogham alphabet it is a tree of rebirth, change, order, harmony and balance and works with past, present, and future. You could also use its Ogham name “Nuin” to help you drop into your center. Close your eyes and perform the light body meditation. (This involves relaxing each part of your body from your toes to your scalp and imagine it filling up with light, radiating with light.) When you are feeling centered, let your energy sink into the trunk of the tree.

You can work with your matriarchal or patriarchal lineage but best to do one or the other at a time. Visualize your mother (or your father) behind you and you are stepping back into their field and are looking at the world through their eyes. What was it like to be them? Were they comfortable in their skin? Feel into them and what it is about their personality that you may have inadvertently taken on? What beliefs have you inherited from their DNA? Take your time.

When you are ready, step back another generation into their mother (or father) and repeat the process. Do this for as many generations as you can or feel like doing in one sitting. You may find there is a trend emerging, a thread that has woven its way through your family line that is influencing you in a positive or negative way.

Slowly work your way back to where you are sitting with your back against the trunk of your tree and when you are ready to take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. Thank the Dryad or tree spirit and write in your journal what you have gleaned from this druid tree meditation. This meditation technique is a valuable way or disclosing subconscious programming which is deeply ingrained and can be used as often as you see fit. Blessings from the Grove. © Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles

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