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Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine does not promote the doctrines or philosophies of any organization, religion, or belief system. All material is published at the discretion of the owner of this website but does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owner.

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine maintains a high standard of credibility in the quality of articles published and our articles are intended as informed contributions to people seeking to pursue a spiritual lifestyle. Readers are advised to always use their discretion in using any product.

Service or approach either advertised or written about in Thrive On News Spiritual  Magazine. Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine can take no responsibility for individual outcomes of any such choice and readers should always be guided by their own health professionals.

Independent privately owned

Thrive on news free spiritual magazine is unaffiliated with any organization, movement, religion, or religious entity, and owns the intellectual property rights for all text on this website, which should not be reproduced in any shape or form without express permission. Thrive on news free spiritual magazine is independently owned and operated by Ian Scott.

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